Best-in-class AI provides ready-to-use sales and CX insights for CCaaS customers

St. Louis, MO — Balto, the #1 real-time guidance platform for contact centers, announces Industry Intelligence Playbooks, giving customers immediate access to proven conversation best practices that drive conversions, shorten time to value, and rapidly bring conversation excellence to scale.

Compiled from deep data analysis of Balto’s industry-leading 125M+ guided calls from more than 15 industries, the new playbooks address two common contact center challenges: creating talk tracks and knowing if they are any good.

With the Industry Intelligence Playbooks, customers now spend less time creating talk tracks and more time on the phones having the best conversations humanly possible. The playbooks provide a proven, data-backed framework from which managers and agents can customize and test new talk tracks, and they serve as a gut-check on whether current ones are following industry best practices.

What’s more, Balto’s Industry Intelligence Playbooks harness the power of collaborative intelligence to continuously improve, with new insights instantly dispatched to customers through the platform. As agents use the playbooks and iterate, they create a data feedback loop which in turn optimizes the playbooks even more to ensure the best possible outcomes for sales and service. In other words, the collaborative intelligence and insights of the entire call center are scaled to all agents and applied instantaneously.

“It’s industry protection insurance,” said Marc Bernstein, founder and CEO of Balto. “Customers know they are getting cutting-edge insights about what’s working on calls in their space. And for new Balto customers without talk tracks or those looking to start from scratch, the playbooks provide a jumping off point, rapidly shrinking implementation time down to a day.”

The Industry Intelligence Playbooks cover essential talking points and objections for sales calls, customer experience interactions, collections, and appointment-setting conversations.

“We not only provide real-time guidance on calls for our customers, we leverage the data from all the calls we’ve guided to provide customers with best practices for having perfect conversations,” said Mike Goldstein, VP of Engineering at Balto. “No one else is doing that. Our Industry Intelligence Playbooks contain key insights for each industry and use case that only Balto can provide.”

Collaborative intelligence is real-time. Lazy AI is post-call.

The Industry Intelligence Playbooks are the latest innovation from Balto capitalizing on the aggregate data of the company’s industry-leading number of calls guided in real time — over 125 million — and its superior AI technology.

Recently, Balto also released its next generation of intent-based language processing, making the company’s existing real-time guidance platform AI even smarter. Balto’s proprietary AI library and Smart Checklist recognize the true intention of the speaker and allow agents to speak naturally while hitting talking marks. Its AI transcription models rival or surpass conversations captured by AI heavyweights like Google and Amazon.

With Balto, scaling best practices is immediate and as easy as the press of a button. This contrasts with post-call AI, which surfaces insights after a call has ended. The process of incorporating post-call analytics back into a talk track can be lengthy and require hours of work. With Industry Intelligence Playbooks, insights are scaled and applied instantaneously.

The Industry Intelligence Playbooks are available now for free for new and existing customers via the Balto Cloud application.

About Balto

Balto guides agents to say the right thing on every call. Top-performing contact centers trust Balto’s AI-powered Real-Time Guidance, Real-Time Coaching, and Real-Time QA to increase sales conversions, prevent costly compliance mistakes, and improve customer experience. Founded in 2017 and based in St. Louis, Missouri, Balto has transformed contact center operations and guided over 125+ million conversations worldwide.