First-of-its-kind technology uses AI to automate tedious post-call work

St. Louis – Balto, the first company to provide real-time guidance for contact centers, has announced its newest innovation to empower agents and increase efficiency: Real-Time Notetaker.

Real-Time Notetaker uses an AI-powered language model to generate automatic summaries of agents’ customer conversations. Real-Time Notetaker rides along with agents in their customer conversations, analyzes the real-time transcript, and produces accurate and comprehensive call notes. With Real-Time Notetaker, contact center agents can eliminate after-call work and save notes to a CRM with a single click.

“No one is surprised by the introduction of this technology,” commented Balto Founder and CEO Marc Bernstein. “This was a natural evolution of using A.I. to create new efficiencies in the contact center. The real news here is that Balto — the company that has dedicated the most resources to enhancing the agent experience —is taking this step to help agents complete their heavy workloads faster and with less headache.”

“Balto was the first to introduce a serious real-time guidance application to the contact center in 2017,” said Balto VP of Product Kyle Jones. “Now, we’re doubling down on how we adopt new technologies to empower the modern call center workforce. Real-Time Notetaker will keep agents’ focus on doing what they’re best at—delivering an exceptional experience to their customers—not filling out notes.”

Balto is offering Real-Time Notetaker as both a stand-alone product and as a part of Balto’s flagship Real-Time Guidance platform. Balto Real-Time Notetaker will be available to Balto’s full customer base at no cost for the first six months. After that, Balto will offer the capability for $7 per user per month.

“With this low price point, we wanted to make saying ‘Yes’ to Real-Time Notetaker easy,” explained Balto VP of Marketing Maria Edington. “The time agents are saving with Balto Real-Time Notetaker, instead of having to take call notes, produces a fast and compelling return on investment. This new capability is Balto’s foray into completely eliminating after call work.”

Companies interested in learning more about Real-Time Notetaker can sign up for a live demo here.

About Balto

Balto unites agents with AI to enable better conversations that deliver results. Top-performing contact centers trust Balto’s real-time guidance enterprise solution to prevent missed sales opportunities, costly compliance mistakes, and negative customer experiences. Today, Balto has guided over 170 million calls, provided over 200 million real-time recommendations, and driven millions in increased revenue.