New report uncovers key insights about contact center career skills, advancement opportunities, benefit programs, and more.

St. Louis, MO – Balto’s Conversation Excellence Lab has released a new report outlining why the majority of tenured agents choose to build careers in contact centers.

The report, “Is the Contact Center a Good Career? Tenured Agents Say Yes,” is based on a survey of over 620 tenured agents across the United States. Respondents answered questions about job satisfaction, benefits, mentorship, promotion-seeking behavior, coaching cadence, and more.

With year-over-year attrition rates often reaching 45% or above, the contact center can seem like a transient job. This report shows that while many people leave within their first year, a majority of tenured agents spend longer in the contact center than they originally planned — and they’re happy to have done so.

The report also details:

  • How agents use their jobs to develop social skills and problem-solving techniques, and build professional relationships.
  • Strong benefit programs lead to happier employees.
  • The positive correlation between mentorship programs and job satisfaction
  • How contact centers use guidance software to boost employee performance.

“We asked our respondents if they thought that the contact center was a strong career choice and 85.5% said yes. This is staggeringly high,” said Lior Torenberg, Director of Research Content at Balto. “The truth is, contact centers provide plenty of opportunities for leadership experience, internal promotions, cross-training, and the development of core people skills like clear communication, active listening, rapport-building, and more. Under the right conditions, those who make it past the 2-year mark seem to be highly satisfied as a group — our data uncovers and shares those conditions so anyone can apply them to their organization.”

The report is available from the Conversation Excellence Lab for free. The Lab will also host a webinar to discuss the findings on February 23 at 1:00 P.M. CT. Registration for the webinar is available here.

The report is the latest in a series of industry-leading insights from Balto, the #1 real-time guidance platform for contact centers.

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