CallMiner, But in Real-Time: Balto

We heard you’re looking for a CallMiner alternative...

  • Due diligence before signing?
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Before You Keep Researching, Consider This

Allow us to make an assumption. You’re not here because you want more analytics. You’re here because you want to improve the business. Sell more. Make customers happier. To find insights in the conversations your agents are having.

The best insights, you’ll act on. When you do, you’ve made the business better. You’ve turned the insight into value.

But most of your insights land on a shelf.

You’ve only got so many hours in a day, after all. Also on that shelf: Insights from your coworkers. And those of your supervisors. Yep, those of your agents, too. The shelves are stacked to the ceiling with insights you’re not acting on.

So why pile on more insights – when you could be out there taking action? Your biggest opportunity isn’t to be all-knowing. It’s taking action. It’s seeing an opportunity, and rolling it out to your team. That’s where you sell more, make customers happier and transform your business.

Balto or not – real-time technologies are the fastest way to start acting on insights, at scale. Learn more about how real-time works below.

Comparing CallMiner with Real-Time Guidance

  CallMiner Balto (Real-Time Guidance)
What You Get Deep insights about customer interactions Every agent saying the right thing, on every single call
How it's done Analyzes conversations and provides in-depth insights. Organizations rely on managers, supervisors and agents to act on the insight. Listens to the conversation and guides the agent in real-time. Organizations can roll out changes to all agents at the push of a button.
Processing Time Hours Instant (Real-Time)
Channels Voice, chat, email Voice
Pricing Data consumption pricing / Minimum investmest of $60k Per-agent pricing / No minimum investment
Setup Time ? 30-45 days
Customizability Requires knowledge of syntax No code or syntax needed

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How Real-Time Guidance Works

Get your agents saying the right thing on every call

  • Ensure your most important statements are delivered with checklists
  • Coach out bad behavior with notifications
  • Guide agents in critical moments with dynamic prompts

See what’s working and what isn’t

  • Automatically know what leads to more revenue with win rate analysis
  • Know what’s happening on 100% of calls with agent performance dashboards
  • Track trends that lead to transformation with trend analysis

Systematically Improve Results Across Your Contact Center


Increase conversion rates


Of Calls Analyzed

90 Sec

Faster Customer Service


"What I like best about Balto is the fact that this program coaches and recognizes deficits in real time. Post call analysis is good for certain things, but to be able to ensure that all points are being reached as well as ensuring policy and law are being adhered to is tremendous, especially while the patient / customer is still on the phone."

Amanda D

Customer Service Representative

"Easy to create and edit content. Best practice sales scripting provided to sales reps during live sales calls, when it matters most. Easy to scale. A library of sales coaching tips at the click of a button. Sales reporting of who is saying what. What else could a sales leader want?"

Morgan B

Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

"We are able to make sure agents are being compliant, in live time. We are able to really dig in to calls and see any red flags that need to be addressed."

Administrator in Financial Services

Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

"As a consumer researcher, the most exciting thing for me is the ability to mine insights from language based on the many calls that come into our contact center. Without this tool, we would be leaving those conversations (and the value of them) on the table."

Stacy D

SVP/GM, Quantitative Insights

"The ability to self-coach is invaluable in a call center environment. The coach platform can allow both associates and managers quickly assess issues or training gaps quickly with valuable examples."

Brittany D

Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

"We've been using the tool for less than 6 months and have gathered so much information on Churn. I'm excited to see what we learn about the business a year from now."

User in Telecommunications

Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

See Why Balto Has Guided 60MM+ Phone Calls.

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