It can be tough for new reps to stay confident while taking calls and remember to go for the close. Coaching from managers or experienced reps can help, but they can’t be there to listen in and coach an agent on every call.

Our very own Balto rep was in this exact situation not too long ago. Sarah* was brand new to sales development, with no experience taking calls. She was nervous about facing rebuttals and rejections.

*name changed for our Baltonian’s privacy

Nervousness Led to Weak Language, Which Lowered Conversions

Instead of going for the close, Sarah would say things like, “Would you kind of want to sign the order form? Maybe we can get this set up?” She was saying “kind of” on nearly 75 calls a day.

That non-committal language felt more comfortable for Sarah but didn’t lead to conversions. Instead of using coaching sessions, sticky notes and call recordings, the Balto team saw an excellent opportunity to use the very tool they were selling.

A Notification Helps Coach Out Weak Language

Back then, our very own Marc Bernstein simply set a notification for Sarah’s “kind ofs” and “maybes.” When she said either of these phrases, the notification would trigger in during the call.

Instead of waiting until after a call to give Sarah feedback, she was getting a reminder in real-time to use stronger language.

From 75 to 10 Triggers in Just 30 Days

After 30 days, Sarah cut how often she used “kind of” and “maybe” from 75-a-day to peaking at 10 (an 86% decrease) — all without anyone needing to listen in on her calls to keep her on track.

When new reps get the coaching they need live on the call, better conversations happen. They build confidence without ever needing a manager waiting over their shoulder. If you want to see how you could support your new agents with Real-Time Guidance, schedule a demo today.