Knowing How Your Customers Are Feeling Isn’t Enough

Go beyond sentiment analysis for better customer experiences. Only Balto unites agents with AI to increase conversion rates, deliver exceptional service, and stay compliant on every call.

Why are Contact Centers Switching from Cogito to Balto’s Real-Time Guidance?

Smarter Guidance for Better Results

Unlike Cogito, Balto’s best-in-class AI understands the full context of your team’s conversations and gives relevant guidance at the right time, without distracting or annoying your agents.

Post-Call Analytics + Real-Time Guidance

With Balto, you get comprehensive post-call reporting, sentiment monitoring, and real-time conversation guidance in one platform. 

Empower and Engage Your Agents

Balto is built for agent empowerment, not enforcement. Happy agents lead to better results!

Why Choose Balto?

  • Balto
  • Cogito
  • 100% conversational visibility and reporting
  • Real-Time guidance based on conversation context
  • Automate after-call work with call summarization
  • Score 100% of calls for quality assurance
  • Real-time supervisor alerts for in-call interventions
  • One-button scaling of winning phrases
  • Industry-specific agent playbooks created by experts
  • Automatically mines call data to suggest script improvements
  • Real-time voice guidance in Spanish
  • Agent gamification & engagement
  • Unparalleled transcription accuracy
  • 50+ CRM & CCaaS integrations

When You Should Choose Cogito Over Balto

Cogito promises to help you provide better customer experiences through sentiment analysis. With Balto, you get that plus intelligent real-time guidance geared for better sales, compliance, and customer service, all in one platform.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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