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Conversation Intelligence. What is it?

Conversation intelligence is software that uses AI to analyze speech to produce insights. Conversational AI plays an important role in business, as it can help teams identify common challenges faced by customers. It’s also a great way for them to assess the performance of call center reps. For example, some conversational AI analytics can measure the amount of times reps go off script or, conversely, how many times they use approved words and phrases. Some tools even offer real-time coaching so that reps can turn things around on the spot if need be. By analyzing conversations, businesses can improve the call experience for reps and customers alike. 

As the conversation intelligence market grows, more and more businesses are gaining access to advanced software that is transforming the way they interact with their customers. The technology continues to evolve, offering new and innovative opportunities for analyzing conversations in a variety of contexts. To get a better understanding of where this software stands today, you can view a conversational AI market report or conversational AI market PDF. You can also download a conversational AI book PDF if you want to get a more in-depth look at how this technology works and the ways in which it is shaping the customer service landscape.

Balto is an AI solution for agents at call centers and one of the best conversational AI companies around today. The contact center software guides agents on calls, showing them the best things to say in each situation. It also scores calls automatically and alerts managers to coaching opportunities so that they can assist agents in real-time. As the trusted partner of leading brands such as eHealth and American Homes 4 Rent, Balto helps users increase sales and get happier customers in 45 days or less by empowering agents to continually improve their performance on every call.

Conversation Intelligence Tools

Conversation intelligence tools allow users to analyze phone calls or in-person conversations. There are many different types of tools available on the conversation intelligence software market, and what works for one business may not be ideal for another, so it’s important to do your research to choose the contact center software that’s right for your company. Finding the best conversation intelligence software can be difficult, especially considering the size of the market, but it’s important to use tools that are most compatible with your business goals and objectives, and this might take some digging around.

G2 provides helpful resources for comparing conversation intelligence tools. You can access a conversation intelligence G2 report to learn more about the market and get a better sense of what each platform offers users. Conversation intelligence HubSpot tools, for instance, can be helpful to HubSpot users. Likewise, Dynamics conversation intelligence software may be a good choice for Dynamics 365 users. Different tools are compatible with different types of platforms, and it’s important to find solutions that are most aligned with your existing software and systems. That way, you can get the best of both worlds. You get access to new tools while continuing to use any software that’s already working well for your business.

Boasting a 4.8-star rating on G2, Balto offers advanced conversation intelligence tools to help users as they converse with customers. With Balto, you can prevent mistakes, hold quality conversations, and easily scale insights. Balto’s software enables users to transform their calls and truly listen to what the customer on the other end has to say, responding in the most effective way possible. Because the platform offers coaching opportunities in real-time, agents can quickly correct mistakes and get conversations back on the right track.

Conversation Intelligence Salesforce

Conversation Intelligence Salesforce Einstein tools enable Salesforce users to monitor and analyze conversations. For example, with these tools, users can enhance Salesforce meetings by tracking conversations, offering real-time and post-call feedback, and providing insights into common problems faced by customers. This might include looking at repeated words or phrases to pinpoint specific issues or analyzing the tone of voice to gauge customer satisfaction. Einstein Conversation Insights can thus be useful for those that want to understand more about customers’ pain points, as well as the products and services they enjoy. You can view an Einstein Conversation Insights demo to see how these tools work in action.

Einstein Conversation Insights pricing starts at $50 per user per month. If you’re considering this software, it can be helpful to view an Einstein Conversation Insights Trailhead guide for more information. This can be tremendously helpful when going through the Einstein Conversation Insights setup process. Similarly, if you’re comparing Salesforce to another platform — say, Einstein Conversation Insights vs. Gong — you can use a comparison guide or chart to better understand the differences between each platform and determine which one is right for your business. This can enable you to make the best decision possible about which tools to use to achieve your most pressing objectives.

When used alongside Balto’s tools, Salesforce Einstein AI software can provide even deeper insights into the customer experience, enabling call center agents to identify their mistakes and determine a future course of action. Balto’s product offers real-time guidance that outperforms other AI call center scripting software, coaching users in real-time and allowing them to scale conversations. Balto offers real-time guidance, real-time QA, and real-time coaching, and together, these tools enable users to get the most out of their phone conversations and work towards creating a better experience for their customers.

Conversation Intelligence Gartner

Gartner is a technological research and consulting firm that provides tools and insights to help organizations make smarter business decisions. Gartner offers helpful information on the top conversational AI companies and the conversational AI landscape. For example, Gartner provides information on chatbot AI technology, demonstrating the significance of chatbot conversations in the business world. To learn more about this, you can view Gartner Chatbots 2021 data. You can also look at the Gartner Chatbot Magic Quadrant, which sorts chatbot providers according to their respective strengths and impact on the market. 

The Gartner Conversational AI Magic Quadrant can also be useful for understanding the conversational intelligence market as a whole. Not many tools exist for comparing platforms, but the Gartner Magic Quadrant is a great way to visualize what each provider brings to the table. Conversation intelligence Gartner tools can also be used to compare pricing. Even though a solution may look great on paper, you may find that you’re spending more than you’d like for what you’re getting. 

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms 2022 can help you compare pricing and overall value, enabling you to make the best decision possible for your company. Gartner also recognizes companies that are helping to shape the landscape, shining an individual spotlight on platforms that are providing value to users. 

Recently, Balto was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in CRM Customer Service and Support, highlighting the extent to which Balto has empowered users to improve the customer experience and is contributing to the conversational intelligence market. 

Conversational AI market size Gartner tools are extremely useful for understanding the conversational AI market and how different software players are contributing to the growth of the market. You might also consider purchasing a conversation intelligence book for a more detailed look at how this technology works and how it has transformed the way businesses interact with customers.

Real-Time Intelligence

Real-Time Intelligence is a technology that analyzes conversations as they’re happening rather than after the fact. This can be extremely helpful for agents that wish to receive real-time feedback so that they can change gears as necessary. Real-time AI has fundamentally transformed the conversational platforms market, allowing users to obtain detailed insights into the customer experience and strategize to better serve customers going forward. AI-powered insights allow organizations to take control of conversations in order to provide maximum value to customers and ensure they receive the proper assistance.

Some conversational AI platforms, like Balto, offer real-time AI coach technology. This means that agents can receive real-time guidance rather than a list of feedback after the call ends. Real-time assistance is crucial to helping call center agents develop their skills. It’s a great way to help them understand what they’re doing wrong and what they should say to shift the conversation in a more productive direction. Agents may forget comments that are made later on, but when coaching is provided in the middle of a call, it can help agents to remember what they’re learning as they’re applying feedback in real-time. 

Balto’s real-time guidance and real-time coaching tools help agents to improve calls in the moment. The software listens in on calls and alerts managers to opportunities for coaching. Balto’s triggers and alerts users of positive or negative events so that managers can quickly jump on the call if needed. This advanced technology is extremely useful for businesses that wish to closely monitor their calls and immediately determine what’s going well and what isn’t. What’s more, Balto’s Agent Chat feature allows managers to make comments via chat, letting agents know straight away whether they’re taking the conversation in the right direction or if they should avoid certain words or topics.

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