Make Lasting Impressions on Every Call

Balto teaches your agents to listen, empathize, and ask the right questions on every call.

  • Balto's Dynamic Prompts show agents key phrases and questions, exactly when they need them
  • Notifications remind agents to talk less and deescalate tricky situations
  • Real-Time Coaching allows instant manager intervention for calls trending negative

Deliver Great Service Faster Than Ever

No more long call times or call backs while agents search for information. Guide your agents to take control from "hello" to "goodbye".

  • Dynamic Prompts show agents the answers to customer questions, avoiding holds and transfers
  • Sticky Notes distribute product updates and information to every agent instantly

Cut the Guesswork out of Customer Service

No more relying on your gut alone. Track the results of every call and instantly scale what's making customers happy.

  • Balto's Win Rate Analysis tests phrases against each other and automatically shows agents the better option
  • Real-Time QA scores 100% of calls and allows managers to understand the root causes of low call quality

“Balto keeps everyone consistent”

Drive real business outcomes with Real-Time.



Increase in CSAT Scores



Faster Ramp Time



Faster Customer Service

Take Customer Experience to New Heights

See immediate CX improvements with lightning-fast installation and onboarding. Scale perfect conversations with Real-Time Guidance.

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Here's How Teams Use Balto

Reps Get Guidance on the Side of Their Screen

  • The Smart Checklist shows reps key talking points
  • Dynamic Prompts show reps phrases and questions when they need them most
  • Notifications discourage bad habits
  • Live Chat lets agents chat with managers to get immediate guidance for critical calls

Managers Coach and Analyze Data in Real-Time

  • Scale ideal conversations to all reps with Balto's Playbook Designer
  • Set up alerts for key moments on calls and coach via Live Chat with Real-Time Guidance
  • Dig into real-time data with Reporting and QA Scores

Quality Assurance Monitors Quality and Drives Improvement

  • Set up scorecards and weighted criteria with Real-Time QA
  • Identify what's driving low or high scores with Real-Time Scores
  • Measure long-term quality trends and coaching effectiveness with Reports






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Record-Breaking 94% Customer Satisfaction

Using Real-Time Guidance, this Balto customer pushed CSAT scores to 94% — while still cutting average handle times by 50 seconds.

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