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With football and tailgate season in full swing, it’s time to make sure you and your team are ready for contact both on and off the field. Schedule a demo with a Balto team member to learn about our newest product capabilities and we’ll send you a free RTIC cooler for your next tailgate.

Balto’s New Playbook:

Play #1: Call Explorer – Searchable transcripts give you 100% insight into call activity.
Play #2: Balto Beacon – Beacon observes every agent interaction and automatically serves recommendations that can be scaled to your whole team instantly.
Play #3: Agent-Sourced Content – Allow top agents to customize the content they see. Crowdsource and validate new content by leveraging your most valuable resource: your agents.
Play #4: Gamification – Enhance agent experience and performance using contests and challenges designed to boost wins. 
Play #5: Agent Personalization – Happier agents lead to increased revenue. Allow agents to personalize their Balto experience to improve agent engagement.  
Play #6: Industry Intelligence Playbooks – Utilize industry-specific playbooks that incorporate data-backed best practices.
Play #7: Balto in Spanish – Balto now offers Spanish playbooks for North American contact centers with Spanish-speaking agents and customers.

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