How To Deliver Ridiculous Value With Your Customer Service Team

Thursday, June 29th at 12 PM CT

Learn How Your Customer Service Contact Center Can Be a Value Center

Have you ever wished that your boss, employees, and customers would all join together in a harmonious celebration of the value and positive impact that you and your team provide?

That you didn’t live in a reality where the contact center’s value was highly scrutinized and had to be proven time and time again?

If you’ve wished these things, you’re not alone.

This run-ragged, reactive reality means that delivering value as a customer service department is too often limited to operating efficiently and meeting a quality standard. Think strategically, or outside the box? Who has time for that!

But what if focusing on a greater strategic impact through customer service is actually what’s needed to overcome the challenges you face? You don’t have to ask “what if” anymore — I’ll show you how.

Join our upcoming webinar with customer experience expert Justin Robbins and learn how to measure and deliver high levels of strategic value through your customer service team.

You’ll learn the key performance indicators for measuring the impact of customer service, gain tips for communicating your value to contact center outsiders, and hear about the latest studies on the profound effects of delivering ridiculous value through customer service.

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🗓 Thursday, June 29th at 12 PM CT

Meet the Speaker

Justin Robbins

Justin Robbins is the Founder and Principal Analyst at Metric Sherpa, a company that helps businesses improve their customer experience through research and consulting services. He’s delivered keynotes, training, and consulting services for 50+ Fortune 500 companies and is a member of the Executive Advisory Board at CX Accelerator, a non-profit community for Customer Experience professionals and on the Board of Directors for the Quality Assurance and Training Connection.

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