More Calls per Agent? Yes, Please

Stop taking agents off the phone for training. Instead, coach them automatically on every call, at scale.

That’s time back to your agents to make more calls. And to take a breather.

  • Balto’s dynamic prompts automatically coach agents in crucial moments
  • Notifications train out bad habits (and reinforce great ones)

Great Service = Fast Handle Times

When agents don’t know the answers, handle times go off the charts. And that’s never good news for your staffing forecast.

  • Dynamic prompts instantly pop-up answers, avoiding holds and transfers
  • Reminders push out product and company updates to every agent

Fully Automate QA

Ditch the spreadsheets, call recordings and spotty QA coverage. It’s time to get 100% visibility into calls without staffing up the QA department.

  • Balto dashboards provide in-depth call analysis in real-time, for every call
  • Post-call analyses surface coaching opportunities to managers and trainers
“Balto enables our agents to sound more professional on the phone. Now that we are able to provide them with more consistency in language and checklists, the call flow is better and more effective.”
– Mike McCeney, Collections Manager

ONLINE Information Services Agents Make Better Collections Calls With Balto

Read how ONLINE increased compliance scoreboard averages by 115%.

See How Balto Has Helped Financial Service Contact Centers Make More Effective Calls

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