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Here’s How Balto Works

Balto’s Real-Time Guidance Platform has two components: The Agent App and Cloud App.

Agents Use The Balto Agent App

The Agent App sits on the side of your agents’ screens. It picks up the audio from conversations and guides agents in real-time.

Balto Agent App

Everyone Else Uses Balto Cloud

Balto Cloud is where you configure Balto, analyze data and coach in real-time.

Balto Cloud App

Real-Time Guidance

Guide every agent live on the call, analyze what’s working and scale best practices instantly.

Key Features

Smart Checklist

Helps agents get your call flow right every time.

When agents use a checklist item, Balto hears it and automatically checks it off.

When the final item is said, Balto shoots confetti to reinforce good habits.

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Dynamic Prompts

Shows agents key information when they need it most.

Balto listens to the conversation and automatically pops up rebuttals, product information, compliance statements and more.

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Know what’s happening on 100% of calls.

Balto automatically feeds every call into a dashboard that let’s you analyze agent performance. See who’s adhering to best practices, saying compliance statements and get transcript snippets for context.

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Win Rate Analysis

Automatically know what leads to more revenue.

Win Rate Analysis automatically compares the effectiveness of specific phrases across all agents.

Balto then shows agents which phrase is most effective, so they can win more calls.

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See How Balto Grows Revenue

Transform sales, customer experience, and compliance in just 45 days.

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Real-Time Coaching

Drive immediate agent improvement and excellent call outcomes by bringing 1:1 coaching live on the call. Balto listens for key moments on calls and alerts managers for coaching and intervention opportunities.

Key Features

Triggers & Alerts

Never miss key moments in calls.

Set triggers for positive, negative or informative events on calls and get alerted in real-time. Allow agents to raise their hand when they need manager support.

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Live Listen

Instantly assess the call situation.

Listen into calls in real-time with a single click in the Cloud App. Automatically brief managers of the situation with a real-time transcription.

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Agent Chat

Drive immediate agent improvement.

Chat coaching recommendations to the agent in real-time directly through the Balto app.

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Real-Time QA

Enough with the spreadsheets, clunky software and hours spent on QA. Real-Time QA delivers 100% call coverage and automated scoring at the push of a button. Feed QA insights right back to your agents with Real-Time Guidance and Real-Time Coaching.

Key Features

Customizable Scorecards

Start scoring 100% of calls with a few clicks

Build robust sets of weighted criteria in under 5 minutes by selecting from pre-defined content.

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QA Dashboard

See how the floor is doing, right now.

Dashboards show real-time scores for your agents. No more waiting hours for processing.

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QA Reports

Analyze what drives agent performance over time.

Reports visualize how individual or groups of agents score over a selected time period.

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“Knocked Our Socks Off”

Join thousands of contact center leaders growing their business with Real-Time Guidance.

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Balto Works With 40+ Softphones

Balto safely connects to over 40 cloud-based phone systems. Get set up in 45 days or less.

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We Keep Your Data Safe

We treat every conversation with exceptional care. Our state-of-art security infrastructure and protocols ensure the privacy of all customer data.

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