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Real-Time Guidance enables agents to confidently navigate every conversation, resulting in happier customers, increased revenue, and better employee satisfaction.

Here’s How Balto Works

Balto’s Real-Time Guidance Platform has two components:
The Agent App and Cloud App.

Agents Use the Agent App

Balto’s Agent App rides along with agents on the side of their screens. It picks up the audio from conversations and guides agents in real-time.

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Managers Use the Cloud App

Balto’s Cloud App is where managers coach, QA and dig into data.

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Agent App Features

Smart Checklist

Help agents get your call flow right every time.

Balto reminds agents of your call flow so they stay on track and effectively carry out conversations.

When an agent says a checklist item, Balto hears it and automatically checks it off.

When the final item is said, Balto shoots confetti to reinforce the good habit of successfully completing the call.

Dynamic Prompts

Guide agents through make-or-break moments.

Dynamic Prompts automatically show agents what to say when callers ask questions, have concerns or share critical information.

Balto also notes which Prompts agents use, and which are most likely to result in a positive call outcome.

Agents using Balto always know the most effective way to answer a question or move a conversation forward.


Agents form great habits and managers ensure a unified contact center voice.

Backed by decades of habit-formation psychology, Balto’s Notifications give agents instant feedback on keywords, soft-skills and other habits they need to get right every time.

Agents using Balto form great habits and always leave customers and prospects with the same feeling of your company’s brand.

Sticky Notes

Instantly deliver important updates to agents.

Add a sticky note to agents’ screens with the click of a button, reminding them of new strategies, contests or product updates.


Gamify your calls to drive better outcomes.

Balto’s customizable Leaderboard shows agents how they rank against their team in-real time.

Rank agents by handle time, call resolution, checklist usage or any other metric critical to your operation.

See How Balto Grows Revenue

Transform sales, customer experience, and compliance in just 45 days.

Balto Cloud Features


Know what’s happening on 100% of calls.

Balto’s AI automatically analyzes every conversation and makes data available in Reporting. Visualize agent performance and see who’s adhering to best practices or going off script.

Reverse-engineer your top performers by understanding which of their behaviors drive positive call outcomes, and scale your learnings across your team instantly.

All without ever listening to call recordings.

Win Rate Analysis

Automatically scale behaviors that lead to more revenue.

Balto’s Win Rate Analysis automatically compares the effectiveness of phrases across all agents. These phrases typically include rebuttals, de-escalation statements and detailed product positioning.

Once Balto collects enough data, it automatically shows agents the winning phrase so they can win more calls.

Playbook Designer

Design excellent conversations and roll them out to your entire team. With one click.

Use Balto’s Playbook Designer to tell Balto how to guide agents. Easily customize the phrases, notifications and reminders you’d like Balto to show agents, and when to show them.

Did we mention there’s no code involved? As soon as you identify a trend or have new information for agents just click, type and publish.

See How Balto Grows Revenue

Transform sales, customer experience, and compliance in just 45 days.

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