Real-Time Quality Assurance
Goodbye, Random Sampling

Real-Time QA automatically scores 100% of calls instantly so you can focus on improving them. Stop mistakes before they become habits, identify the root cause of low scores, and scale best practices to your whole team.

Faster Ramp Time

More Conversions

Increase in CSAT

Calls Guided in Real-Time

Manage More Efficiently

Empower your managers to do more by automating repetitive activities and allowing them to focus on improving the quality of calls — not listening to them.

Start scoring 100% of calls fast

Build robust sets of weighted criteria in under five minutes by selecting from predefined content. With unlimited scorecards at your disposal, different teams can score calls for the specific criteria that matter to them instead of weeding through crowded spreadsheets.

Quickly identify the root
cause of low scores

Scores from all calls instantly populate and can be analyzed for teams or individuals. Drill down into scorecard sections with a simple click understand what’s driving low scores. Use targeted coaching to achieve bulletproof compliance and improve call quality.

Get a complete QA picture
in real time

See how the floor is doing right now and over time. Get scores for individuals, groups of agents, and break down scores into individual categories. Do it all without having to wait hours for post-call processing.

Track what drives performance

Visualize how individual or groups of agents score over a selected period of time. Understand your agents’ performance trajectory and map which coaching sessions impact call scores.

Command Center

Live listen on every call

Your personal command center allows you to see which of your agents are on calls and live listen at the push of a button.

Sentiment Analysis

Find the calls that matter most

Sentiment analysis surfaces the most important calls for you to review to help you identify critical coaching opportunities.

Calls Explorer

Recordings & transcripts, all in one place

Explore calls the way you want to. Access transcripts, redacted call recordings, and notable moments in one centralized location.

“RTQ has taken the burden from me of having to sit down and try to map out three to four hours of my day just to pull phone calls. Now all the information I need is there in real-time.”

Sean Wheaton, Contact Center Supervisor,
UGA Finance

Full Real-Time QA
Feature List

The Incredible Impact of Real-Time QA

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Emergicon Gains Message Consistency, Increased Call Volume, and Shorter Hold Times with Balto

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Emergicon’s success formula relies on Balto’s Real-Time Guidance and a hybrid contact center team actively enhancing the AI-driven system The Challenge Ensure uniformity, accuracy, and immediate access to a broad knowledge base for a hybrid team representing multiple clients Emergicon…
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“Balto is a life saver!”

– Destiny H., Agent Review on G2

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