There’s Only One Thing Worse Than Not Knowing What to Do

It’s knowing exactly what needs to be done, but not being able to implement it.

There’s a Gap Between Insight and Implementation

For too long, contact centers have had all the insights they need to drive better conversations, but no way to help the agent actually execute them on their calls.

There’s a huge gap between knowing what’s wrong and actually fixing it – between insight and implementation.

It Feels Like You’ve Tried it All

It’s almost funny how hard we’ve tried to bridge this gap, but always danced around the issue.

We’ve tried more coaching, different coaching, better knowledge management, staffing up QA, more automation, sticky notes or – the all-time classic – whisper mode.

But either these things don’t help at all, fix everything but the conversation itself, or don’t address the issue until after the call is already lost.

Lack of Data Isn’t The Problem

“Maybe if we had more data”, you may say, “we’d know better how to fix it”

But at large, you already know what’s going wrong on your calls. It’s the same old stuff: Talking too much with too little empathy or getting flustered in the moment.

It’s not about knowing what’s going wrong. It’s about implementing change on every single call to grow your bottom line.

It’s Time to Solve the Heart of the Issue

You need a way to improve conversations as they’re happening. A way to give every agent the right information in real-time.

And that means having a platform that is:

  1. Built for Real-Time – so every agent gets the guidance they need when they need it, not after the fact.
  2. Built for Real Life – so you just plug it in, turn it on, and watch it work. No complex coding. No big implementation. No waiting for IT.
  3. Built for Real Results – so your contact center gets happier customers, higher conversions, and statistically valid A/B tests to prove the ROI.

It’s Time to Never Stop Improving

Why has marketing been A/B testing since 1908, but sales & service teams are still guessing in 2022?

With Real-Time, testing the spoken word becomes reality.


Drive real business results with Real-Time Guidance.

Increase in Sales

Increase in CSAT

Faster Ramp Time

Lower AHT