Give Every Rep the Words That Sell

No more saying the wrong things in make-or-break moments. Guide every rep to sell like your top performers.

  • Balto's Dynamic Prompts show reps the best discovery questions and rebuttals - exactly when they need them
  • Real-Time Coaching instantly alerts managers for critical moments, allowing them to guide reps live on the call

Coach All Reps Without Lifting a Finger

That means ramping new reps faster — and making all reps a little better with every call they make.

  • Balto's Checklist reminds reps to always hit the basics
  • Notifications train out bad habits right in the moment
  • Real-Time QA automatically scores 100% of calls and helps managers identify the root cause of lost revenue

Measure What Works and Scale It Instantly

No more guessing — make your message better every day.

  • Balto's Win Rate Analysis lets you test phrases against each other and automatically shows reps the winning option
  • Dashboards show you what's winning calls so you can scale it to all reps instantly

"What else could a sales leader want?"

Drive real business outcomes with Balto.



More Conversions



Faster Ramp Time



Higher Close Rates Among New Hires

Break Sales Records in Just 45 Days

See immediate revenue growth with lightning-fast installation and onboarding. Scale perfect conversations with Real-Time Guidance.

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Here's How Sales Teams Use Balto

Reps Get Guidance on the Side of Their Screen

  • The Smart Checklist shows reps key talking points
  • Dynamic Prompts show reps phrases and questions when they need them most
  • Notifications discourage bad habits
  • Live Chat lets reps chat with managers to get immediate guidance for critical calls

Managers Coach and Analyze Data in Real-Time

  • Scale ideal conversations to all reps with Balto's Playbook Designer
  • Set up alerts for key moments on calls and coach via Live Chat with Real-Time Guidance
  • Dig into real-time data with Reporting and QA Scores

Quality Assurance Monitors Quality and Drives Improvement

  • Set up scorecards and weighted criteria with Real-Time QA
  • Identify what's driving low or high scores with Real-Time Scores
  • Measure long-term quality trends and coaching effectiveness with Reports






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After 30 Days of A/B Testing: 132% More Conversions

In a one-month long A/B test with 90 reps, this Balto customer walked away with 132% higher close rates.

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