Say This Not That with Lee Salz:

Sales Edition

Thursday, April 20th at 1 PM CT | 2 PM ET | 11 AM PT

The Words Your Sales Team Uses (Or Doesn’t Use) Are Your Most Important Differentiation Tools

The right word used at the right time can energize deals and differentiate you. But one wrong word can be a deal killer. The most important tool salespeople have to engage buyers and standout in a noisy marketplace is word selection: the words they use (and don’t use).

Join Lee Salz, sales management strategist and bestselling author of Sales Differentiation and Sell Different!, for a 60-minute masterclass on word selection.

During this program, you’ll learn:
  • How one word can cause deal conversion issues .
  • Why talking about experience when selling is meaningless and what you should talk about instead that excites prospects
  • Why discovery should never be discussed with buyers
  • The two words guaranteed to turn buyers off
  • Why you should never want customers – and what you should desire instead
  • Why the word “help” is perilous and how to avoid this critical mistake
  • Why saying you are honest is a buyer turnoff
  • The difference between customer service and account management – they aren’t synonyms
  • The rephrased question that opens doors to more referrals than you ever dreamed possible
  • Competitors? Hardly! How you should refer to them instead

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Meet the Speaker

Lee Salz

Lee Salz, founder and CEO of Sales Architects®, is an internationally renowned sales management strategist specializing in building world-class salesforces. He is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, sales consultant, and keynote speaker. Lee is a bestselling author of six business books. His most recent books, Sales Differentiation and Sell Different!, have been called “the one-two punch” every salesperson needs. His seventh book, focused on discovery strategy, is in development and will be published by HarperCollins in the Fall of 2025.

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