Say What Works in Collections

Click. Dial tone. And there goes another lost payment. Once again, your collector forgot the script, misread the situation, and zigged when they should have zagged.

Of course, that’s just the one call you actually listened in on. You have no idea how many times this is happening across the other 50 collectors making dozens of calls a day.

But your collected payments and compliance scores are telling you it’s probably a lot. Sure, you could invest in more training, but what’s the point when collectors always seem to get tongue-tied and can’t remember all the negotiation tactics and compliance statements you put in the playbook?

What you really need is some way to guide these conversations in real time – not two weeks after you’ve already lost a payment or upset a client.

Our daily immediate payment totals escalated by 75%

– Roger Weiss, CACi

Coach Your Collectors In Real-Time. All The Time.

Powered by AI, Balto listens to both sides of a conversation and visually prompts collectors with the best things to say, live on every call.

Maximize Payments Collected

  • Equip collectors with the best rebuttals and negotiation strategies
  • Roll out winning behavior to all collectors at the push of a button
  • Coach out payment-killers at scale

Squash Legal Fees

  • Enforce legally required language on every call
  • Coach out behavior that leads to compliance issues
  • Gain visibility into 100% of calls – without hours of recordings

Spend Less Time Training

  • Get new collectors ready for the phone faster
  • Continuously improve reps on every single call
  • Update scripts in minutes without coding or IT support

Built For Real Results

Get more payments, fewer lawsuits, and statistically valid A/B tests to prove the ROI.


Increase in Quote Conversions


Increase in Customer Satisfaction

90 Sec

Reduction in Average Handle Time

Balto raised Tate and Kirlins compliance scores to over 95% while simultaneously reducing legal fees.

– Bob Daugherty, Tate & Kirlin

One Real-Time Platform, Many Ways To Grow Revenue

Balto lives on the side of your collectors’ screens and guides them through every call. Managers use Balto Cloud to monitor collector performance, reveal winning behavior, and scale that behavior at the push of a button. Balto integrates with leading phone systems and is effortlessly customizable.

Just plug it in, turn it on, and watch it work. No complex coding. No big implementation. No waiting for IT.

Teams Collect More With Balto

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