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Tuesday, May 10 at 1pm CDT

How Creditors Bureau USA Boosts Win Rates with Real-Time Guidance

Achieving high agent engagement in your contact center is essential not just for maintaining high job satisfaction and employee retention, but ultimately for maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction.

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll chat with Kasey Ismail from Creditors Bureau USA to learn how his collections team has massively improved agent effectiveness, achieved near-perfect compliance adherence, and boosted win rates and the number of successful calls by utilizing real-time guidance and focusing on team buy-in and positive agent experience.

Join us for this free 30-minute webinar to learn:

  • Indicators and benefits of a highly-engaged contact center team.
  • Why contact centers should prioritize agent experience.
  • Tips to improve agent engagement and team buy-in.
  • How real-time guidance enables high agent performance.

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🗓 Tuesday, May 10 at 1pm CDT

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