Managing Bilingual Contact Center Agents for Peak Performance

Tuesday, August 9 at 1 pm CDT

How to Empower Spanish-Speaking Agents to Optimize Conversations

When your customers or prospects “press 2 for Spanish,” the result shouldn’t be lower sales, worse customer experiences, increased compliance missteps, and poor QA scores. And yet, many contact centers focus almost exclusively on English-speaking reps when developing improved processes, providing agent support, and implementing technology to optimize agents’ conversations.

With nearly 60 million Spanish speakers in the U.S. and growing, it’s absolutely essential for contact centers to consistently deliver high-performing conversations and excellent customer experiences when communicating with Spanish-speaking consumers. For companies willing to devote the same attention to Spanish speakers that they do to English-speaking customers, the growing number of Spanish-speakers presents a massive opportunity.

Join Balto for this special webinar to learn how contact center teams can empower and support bilingual agents and optimize conversations in Spanish to achieve peak performance.

In this 45-minute webinar, we will discuss strategies to:

  • Provide the proper support needed to truly enable bilingual agents for success.
  • Implement technology to support bilingual agents and best serve your customers.
  • Structure your team and create systems to support bilingual agents.
  • Prepare your team and operations for growing future opportunities to serve Spanish-speaking consumers.

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🗓 Tuesday, August 9 at 1 pm CDT

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Webinar Speakers

Andres Ramirez
Strategic Account Executive
@ Balto

Phil Bennett
Customer Service Operations Manager @ Empire Today

Aaron Nelson
Senior Director, Operations
@ Progrexion

Announcing Balto in Spanish! 🎉

Stick around for the end of the webinar to learn more about Balto in Spanish, the first agent empowerment solution to offer conversation excellence at scale for Spanish-speaking contact center agents! Learn how Balto’s Real-Time Guidance, including smart checklists and dynamic prompts, now helps bilingual agents to have excellent conversations in Spanish that drive higher sales, customer satisfaction, and compliance scores. Learn more

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