9 Highly-Effective Tips to Politely Control Difficult Customer Calls – with Myra Golden

Special Webinar Featuring Customer Service and De-escalation Expert Myra Golden

Customer service calls can sometimes get out of control, especially in difficult situations when customers don’t immediately get their way. Unchecked, these upset and overly talkative customers can dominate the conversation, prolong the call, and take away agents’ time and energy from serving other customers and completing more valuable tasks.

In these situations, utilizing practical call-control strategies can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your contact center team.

Check out this special on-demand webinar featuring master de-escalator and customer service expert Myra Golden to learn why customer calls get out of hand and 9 simple, actionable techniques to help your agents get and keep calls under control.

In the webinar recording, Myra shares how to:
  • Teach agents to use a limited response
  • Control calls with close-ended questions
  • Practice proactive call management
  • Assert your way out of a bad conversation
  • Turn long, problematic calls into polite and efficient interactions

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Meet the Speaker: Myra Golden

Myra Golden is the founder of Myra Golden Seminars, LLC. She is a long time speaker and training partner to many Fortune 500 companies across the nation. She creates fun and engaging classes to teach her clients to give their customers the best possible experience. Myra’s engaging approach to customer service training is loved by her clients and many of her clients rave about her workshops. Her impressive resume includes many of the world’s biggest companies, like: McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Walmart, Verizon Business, and many more. Myra has both her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her master’s degree in human relations.

Before founding Myra Golden Seminars in 1999, Myra worked at Thrifty Car Rental as the Global Head of Consumer Affairs. Travel Agent Magazine hailed Myra a Top 100 Rising Star for leading her team to unprecedented customer recovery and customer loyalty in the hospitality industry. When she’s not lighting up the service world, Myra is likely reading a book that makes her see differently, sipping Ethiopian coffee, or writing poetry. Visit Myra’s Website

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