Solution Spotlight: Balto + Talkdesk CX Cloud

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Thursday, September 8 at 1 pm ET

How Balto’s Real-Time Guidance Boosts Performance for Talkdesk Customers

Balto’s #1 real-time guidance, coaching, and QA platform is now available in the Talkdesk AppConnect marketplace. Multiple Talkdesk CX Cloud customers in retail, healthcare, finance, and many other industries already use Balto’s best-in-class AI to automatically guide agents’ conversations, score 100% of calls, and alert managers to coaching opportunities in real time. And now Balto integrates seamlessly with Talkdesk CX Cloud to optimize and scale top-performing conversations to every agent in your contact center.

In the webinar, we will share:
  • How Talkdesk customers are leveraging Balto to dramatically improve nearly every key metric and KPI.
  • Demonstration of Balto’s real-time guidance, coaching, and QA capabilities for Talkdesk CX Cloud users.
  • Next steps to learn how Balto can improve your business.
  • Time for Q&A with the Balto and Talkdesk teams.

Join us for this special session to see Balto in action and learn how Talkdesk CX Cloud users can utilize real-time guidance to increase sales conversions, prevent costly compliance mistakes, improve customer experience, and lots more.

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🗓 Thursday, September 8 at 1 pm ET

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Webinar Speakers

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@ Talkdesk

Marc Bernstein
CEO and Founder
@ Balto

Justin Sholly
Account Executive
@ Balto

Balto + Talkdesk CX Cloud

Great news! Balto’s #1 real-time guidance platform for contact centers was recently added to the Talkdesk AppConnect marketplace! Talkdesk CX Cloud users now have the ability to seamlessly scale perfect contact center conversations by adding Balto. Now, remarkable customer experiences no longer hinge on an agent’s ability to remember a long and ever-changing list of responses. Instead, Balto’s proprietary, best-in-class AI rides alongside every call, listens to both sides of the conversation, and offers up relevant advice in real time to guide agents for the perfect conversation every time.

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