Excellent Conversations Don’t End in Lawsuits

Balto shows reps how to stay compliant and correct mistakes in real-time, while keeping track of every conversation. Get bulletproof compliance in just 45 days.

Fix Mistakes Before The Call is Over

You can’t go back to non-compliant calls, so why not mend things before the conversation is over?

  • Balto’s Notifications alert reps for non-compliant behavior so they can adjust course immediately
  • Alerts notify managers for critical issues, allowing instant intervention via Live Chat

Prevent Slip-Ups on Every Single Call

Automatically help agents remember all the small things that, if forgotten, can lead to lawsuits.

  • Balto’s Smart Checklist remind agents to say critical statements word-for-word
  • Dynamic Prompts show agents compliant phrases and responses, exactly when they need them

Keep Track of Everything

Balto listens to every conversation and scores 100% of calls so you don’t have to.

  • Real-Time QA automatically scores calls with less than five minutes of setup
  • Balto’s Reporting shows top performers and top offenders at the click of a button
  • Alerts History keeps record of all calls that triggered a compliance alert


Drive real business outcomes with Real-Time.

Better Compliance Scores

Faster Ramp Time

Visibility into Calls

“Balto Academy provided a training platform to help myself better understand Balto and best practices to make it effective not only for myself, but the representatives and department as a whole.”

Sean Wheaton, Contact Center Supervisor,
UGA Finance

Never Sleep on Compliance with Balto

See immediate revenue growth with lightning-fast installation and onboarding. Scale perfect conversations with Real-Time Guidance.

Here’s How Compliance Teams Use Balto

Reps Get Guidance on the Side of Their Screen

  • The Smart Checklist shows reps key talking points
  • Dynamic Prompts show reps phrases and questions when they need them most
  • Notifications discourage bad habits
  • Live Chat lets reps chat with managers to get immediate guidance for critical calls

Managers Coach and Analyze Data in Real-Time

  • Scale ideal conversations to all reps with Balto’s Playbook Designer
  • Set up alerts for key moments on calls and coach via Live Chat with Real-Time Guidance
  • Dig into real-time data with Reporting and QA Scores

Quality Assurance Monitors Quality and Drives Improvement

  • Set up scorecards and weighted criteria with Real-Time QA
  • Identify what’s driving low or high scores with Real-Time Scores
  • Measure long-term quality trends and coaching effectiveness with Reports




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Pushing Compliance Scores 115% in Three Months

After three months with Balto, this collections team saw their compliance scores jump from 40% to over 86%.

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