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Arsenal Business Growth Uses Balto To Ramp Reps Faster & Book More Appointments

“Balto enables our sales reps to have very high-quality conversations in a short amount of time. It’s fundamentally changed the way we do things. With Balto, we’ve earned an additional $50,000 in monthly recurring revenue”

-Aaron Asher, Owner, Arsenal Business Group

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“The Best Technology with the Best People”

Sean C.

Human Performance Expert

Balto’s powerful recognition software is second to none and has allowed our business to transform the way we think, perceive, and conduct sales over the phone. Not only is the technology powerful, but the support and staff is superb. Balto has invested time in hiring the most educated, skilled professionals in the industry that helped us develop a customized use for the technology. This isn’t an “out of the box”, plug and play tech. This is transformative, and we are grateful for the insights we have gained from the team.

Customer Success Stories

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EO Media Group Slashes Call Time and Vanquishes Escalations with Balto

Using Balto’s Real-Time Guidance platform to its full potential enables EO Media Group to represent 12 publications without outsourcing to a third-party contact center The Challenge To implement an efficient communication system for contact center agents, leaving more time for a proactive outbound sales and retention strategy Contact centers and newspapers don’t typically go hand…

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Emergicon Gains Message Consistency, Increased Call Volume, and Shorter Hold Times with Balto

Emergicon’s success formula relies on Balto’s Real-Time Guidance and a hybrid contact center team actively enhancing the AI-driven system The Challenge Ensure uniformity, accuracy, and immediate access to a broad knowledge base for a hybrid team representing multiple clients Emergicon is a Dallas-based ambulance billing company. While its primary clients are Texas ambulance providers, the…

Thumbnail Image for Accelerated Receivables Solutions and Balto case study

Accelerated Receivables Solutions Shifts Risk To Reward With Balto’s Real-Time Guidance

The combination of AI-driven Real-Time Guidance and customized industry playbooks takes the pressure off agents in a collections business relying on compliance confidence The Challenge Keeping agents self-assured, engaged, and compliant in a high-stress industry The collections business can take a toll on even the most experienced agents. They contend with hang-ups, strict conduct rules,…

Thumbnail image for Arsenal Business Growth and Balto case study

Balto Flattens the Learning Curve and Increases Revenue for Arsenal Business Growth

With Balto’s Real-Time Guidance and custom client-specific playbooks, Sales Development Reps are prepared to interact expertly with executive-level decision-makers in 83% less time The Challenge Providing continuous expedited in-call training for Sales Development Reps acting on behalf of numerous clients Sales agents aren’t just the lifeblood of Arsenal Business Growth but also the various clients…

Thumbnail image for 3BG and Balto Case study

3BG Scales Sales Expertise and Gets Agents Up and Running Quickly with Balto Real-Time Guidance

The loss of its original call analysis provider ultimately led 3BG to fewer drop-offs and more successful deals using Balto The Challenge Securing a replacement for an “analog” post-call analysis system The name 3BG might be short for “3 Bald Guys,” and the office atmosphere is upbeat. But one thing 3BG takes very seriously is…