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Unite agents with industry-leading AI for behavior change that delivers happier customers, increased revenue, and perfect conversations on every call.

Balto's Real-Time Guidance Platform for Contact Center
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Real Behavior Change, In Real Time

Balto lets you save calls before they’re over and scale excellence to your entire contact center at the push of a button.

Increase in Sales

Increase in CSAT

Faster Ramp Time

Faster Handle Time

One Platform, One Goal: Excellent Conversations

Explore how Balto’s Real-Time Guidance Platform scales excellent conversations to your entire organization.

Guide Agents on Every Call

Show agents what to say, measure what’s working, and scale it instantly. See how the world’s leading companies use Real-Time Guidance to move their organizations forward.

Coach Strategically

Automatically alert managers for key coaching opportunities and allow them to coach in the second reps need it the most. Drive immediate agent improvement by coaching the right calls in real-time.

QA Seamlessly

Effortlessly score 100% of calls and quickly identify where conversations go wrong. Put an end to random sampling and hours spent manually scoring calls.

Automate Notetaking

Automate time-consuming after-call work and generate notes with a single click, all seamlessly integrated into the Real-Time platform.

Break Sales Records & Provide World-Class Customer Service

See revenue growth, increase conversions, and improve customer satisfaction with lightning-fast implementation. Scale perfect conversations with Balto’s suite of real-time products.

Here’s How Teams Use Balto

Agents Get Guidance on the Side of Their Screen

  • The Smart Checklist shows agents key talking points
  • Dynamic Prompts show agents phrases and questions when they need them most
  • Notifications discourage bad habits
  • Live Chat lets agents chat with managers to get immediate guidance for critical calls

Managers Coach and Analyze Data in Real-Time

  • Scale ideal conversations to all agents with Balto’s Playbook Designer
  • Set up alerts for key moments on calls and coach via Live Chat with Real-Time Coaching
  • Dig into real-time data with Reporting and QA Scores

Quality Assurance Monitors Quality and Drives Improvement

  • Set up scorecards and weighted criteria with Real-Time QA
  • Identify what’s driving low or high scores with Real-Time Scores
  • Measure long-term quality trends and coaching effectiveness with Reports

Seamless Integration with Your CCaaS

Balto integrates with over 60 softphones and directly embeds within major CCaaS and UCaaS systems for easy agent workflows and lightning-fast time to value.

Balto’s Suite of Generative AI Tools

Watch this short commercial to see how Balto can help agents and managers be their best selves. Focus on conversations and let Balto do the rest.