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Unite agents with industry-leading AI for behavior change that delivers happier customers, increased revenue, and perfect conversations on every call.

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The New Way of Getting Conversations Right

Improve conversations when it matters most: in the moment.

Increase in Sales

Increase in CSAT

Faster Ramp Time

Lower AHT

Four Products, One Goal: Excellent Conversations

Explore how Balto’s Real-Time Guidance Platform scales excellent conversations to your entire organization.

Real-Time Guidance

Show agents what to say, measure what’s working, and scale it instantly. See how the world’s leading companies use Real-Time Guidance to move their organizations forward.

Real-Time Coaching

Automatically alert managers for key coaching opportunities and allow them to coach in the second reps need it the most. Drive immediate agent improvement by coaching the right calls in real-time.

Real-Time QA

Effortlessly score 100% of calls and quickly identify where conversations go wrong. Put an end to random sampling and hours spent manually scoring calls.

Real-Time Notetaker

Automate time-consuming after-call work and generate notes with a single click, all seamlessly integrated into the Real-Time platform.

Break Sales Records & Provide World-Class Customer Service

See revenue growth, increase conversions, and improve customer satisfaction with lightning-fast implementation. Scale perfect conversations with Balto’s suite of real-time products.

Welcome to Conversation Excellence

Welcome to a world where excellent sales and service conversations are at the tip of your fingers.

Before Balto

  • Find mistakes and coaching opportunities in post call, after a call is lost
  • Feel stuck trying to scale excellent conversations through traditional coaching methods
  • Spend hours and hours analyzing the wrong calls

After Balto

  • Prevent mistakes before they happen by presenting the right thing to say in the moment, when it matters
  • Scale excellent conversations through dynamic prompts and micro-coaching moments
  • Automatically find the most important calls — and the most important moments on each call — for seamless reporting

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