Real-Time Coaching

Coach the Right Calls, in Real-Time

Balto listens to calls and automatically alerts managers for coaching opportunities. Drive immediate agent improvement by coaching the right calls in real-time.

Here's How Balto Works

Balto’s Real-Time Guidance Platform has two components:
The Agent App and Cloud App.

Agents Use the Agent App

Balto's Agent App rides along with agents on the side of their screens. It picks up the audio from conversations and guides agents in real-time.

Balto Agent App

Managers Use the Cloud App

Balto's Cloud App is where managers coach, QA and dig into data.

Balto Cloud App

Triggers & Alerts

Never miss key moments on calls.

Triggers monitor your agents' conversations for positive, negative or informative events. Set triggers for phrases, keywords or soft skills by selecting from a customizable catalog.

When triggers are set off, managers instantly receive an alert to see which calls need coaching.

Live Listen

Join the right calls within seconds.

Live Listen allows you to join calls that triggered an alert with a single click.

When joining calls, managers get a real-time transcript of the conversations to understand what lead to the alert.

Agent Chat

Immediately impact the outcome of critical calls before it's too late.

Agent Chat lets managers guide alerted calls in real-time while listening to the conversation — all within the same platform.

Send backup for calls at risk, proactively guide critical moments of a conversation or congratulate agents for a job well done.

Activity Log

Understand manager coaching habits.

The Activity Log counts alerts triggered by agents and measures how often managers took action.

When managers miss alerts, they can see the unique ID of the alerted call to get a recording from their phone system.


Identify high performers and top offenders.

Reports automatically rank agents by performance and visualize alerts triggered over time.

See how individuals or groups of agents are performing so you can tailor coaching programs for better call quality.

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