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Balto unites agents and supervisors with AI to power better agent performance.
The results are astounding…

Maximize Revenue and
Unleash Agent Performance

Improve your win rate by enabling agents to be successful on every call. Test responses to common objections, find what works best, and scale instantly to your whole team.

Skyrocket Customer Satisfaction

We give your agents instant access to the information they need, decreasing holds and wait times and leading to better customer experiences.

Train and Onboard
Faster Than Ever

Give agents the confidence and knowledge to be successful from day one. Slash ramp time in half by putting best practices, objection responses, and the most effective call scripts at your agents’ fingertips, all in real time.

Achieve Bulletproof Compliance

Stop costly compliance errors before they happen. Balto provides approved language live on the call and helps agents correct mistakes in the moment.

Improve Job Satisfaction and Lower Attrition

Agents have difficult jobs and too little support during calls. Balto rides alongside every conversation, offering help when needed. Built for empowerment, not enforcement, we make agents more successful in their roles, leading to higher job satisfaction.

Manage Easily From Anywhere

Let managers support agents in make-or-break moments, without needing to walk the floor. Get automatically alerted for coachable moments, instantly join the call, and provide the coaching your agents need to save calls before they’re lost.

Seamless Integration with Your CCaaS

Balto integrates with over 50 softphones and directly embeds within major CCaaS and UCaaS systems for easy agent workflows and lightning-fast time to value.

Built By Industry
Insiders & Experts

Many of us started out on the phones or walking the floors. We know what agents and supervisors need to be successful and that giving them access to the right technology allows organizations to reach their goals.

Customers Trust &
Depend on Balto

Our dedicated Customer Enablement Team members work with every customer to address their specific needs, whether it’s optimizing a playbook or uncovering call trends. With Balto, your ROI is never a question.

“Knocked Our Socks Off”