Generative AI Works Hard For Your Contact Center

Transform your contact center with increased efficiency and unbeatable customer experiences powered by generative AI

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence that can generate text outputs and more. It is a force multiplier, saving you and your team hours of manual work, so you can focus on what matters: delivering exceptional customer and prospect experiences.

The best generative AI is trained on your contact center’s unique context to bring you the tailored, clear insights you need, when you need them.

How Can Generative AI Transform Your Contact Center?

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Answers in an instant

Ask BaltoGPT anything you want to know. This generative AI sidekick analyzes calls instantly and answers questions about your contact center at scale, giving you the ability to take action when it matters most.

  • Leaders can ask BaltoGPT questions like “How are conversions doing this quarter compared to last quarter?”
  • Managers can ask BaltoGPT questions like “Generate a customer coaching plan that highlights three strengths and three areas of improvement for each agent.”

Automate after-call work

Real-Time Notetaker automatically summarizes 100% of calls, so agents don’t have to.

Automate time-consuming after-call work and generate thorough, compliant notes with a single click to empower agents and increase efficiency.

QA your way

Get the insights you want to achieve the outcomes you need.

QA Copilot enables users to autonomously score calls using natural language criteria – without constraining limitations or templates.

Balto QA Copilot empowers QA teams, freeing them to focus on improving conversations, not scoring them.

Built With Trust In Mind

Safety and trust are the foundation of strong AI. See how other solutions stack up so you can make the best decision for your contact center.

Tried and True

Balto’s industry-leading AI has guided over 225M calls

Best-in-Class AI

Balto’s AI is trained by in-house PhDs and enabled by the most trusted names in AI


Balto automatically flags and redacts sensitive information

Soc II Type 2 Certified

Balto is SOC certified; privacy, security, and progress integrity are #1


All communication is encrypted & authenticated to ensure secure communication

256-Bit Encryption

All customer data is transferred and stored using bank-grade encryption

Web Vulnerability Scans

Balto proactively identifies and corrects potential vulnerabilities

Secure Data Storage

Balto uses state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure security and confidentiality

Proven ROI For Every Use Case


More Conversions


Higher CSAT


Lower AHT


Increase in Compliance


Recaptured Revenue