Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Balto for?

What kind of teams make a good Balto customer?

The best Balto customers are B2C contact center teams that directly impact revenue through customer interactions. If your team has fewer than 10 agents or relies on a complex sales cycle Balto may not be the best choice. Chat with us or request a demo and we’ll help you decide.

Can I use Balto for inbound/outbound calls?

Yes! Balto works with inbound and outbound teams. You can easily customize Balto’s playbooks to accommodate either one or both. If your agents handle both inbound and outbound calls, Balto can switch between playbooks automatically.

How does Balto compare to other speech analytics tools?

Where other tools like CallMiner, Gong, or Observe surface insights after calls are over, Balto guides calls in the moment, at scale. You can read more on our Why Real-Time page.

Getting Started With Balto

Does Balto take a lot of work from my team to set up and maintain?

Not at all. Our Technical Success Managers do most of the lifting during the integration. Our Customer Success team helps you create your first playbooks using best-practice templates. Agents and managers are trained in just 30-45 minutes. Once Balto is up and running, making changes is intuitive — no IT required. 

You can also read our G2 reviews to hear directly from Balto users.

What do I need to use Balto?

All you need is a softphone system like RingCentral, Five9, Convoso, etc., regular headsets for agents and Windows or Mac computers.

How do I set up Balto?

After purchasing Balto, the following 30-45 days will go like this:

  1. Technical Set-Up: Our implementation team will meet with your IT and Telephone System Leaders to outline the integration. We’ll get your softphone system connected to Balto’s servers. Your agents will download the Balto App to their computers from a link — no coding required! Before Balto goes live, we’ll do a final tech check to make sure everything is functioning properly.
  2. Playbook Set-Up: Within the first week of set-up, our Customer Success team will show you how to build playbooks focused on your goals. We’ll walk you through the first one based on a best-practice template. After you’ve built a few playbooks on your own, we’ll do a quality check to ensure they’re ready to go live.
  3. Training Your Team: Once the integration is complete and your first playbooks are ready, our Customer Education team will train your managers on how to use both the Balto Agent App and the Cloud App. Then we’ll lead a training session with your agents on using the Agent App. Each session takes about 30-45 minutes. 

After that, you’re ready to go live! But don’t worry, you’ll still regularly meet with a Customer Success Manager to discuss any questions. 

How much time does it take to set up Balto?

Most integrations take roughly 45 days to complete. If we need to build a new integration for your team, it takes roughly 60 days to complete.

How Does Balto Work?

Does Balto actually listen to all of my calls?

Yes, Real-Time Guidance uses an AI system to listen to every call, recognize what your customers and agents are saying, and show agents the best thing to say. This system is how Balto can understand your agents’ performance, score calls, and more.

Does Balto work with cell phones?

No, Balto is currently designed only for softphone systems. 

Is Balto a phone system?

No, Balto is not a phone system. It connects to your phone system to guide calls in real-time.

Does Balto work with CRMs?

Balto currently doesn’t exchange information directly with CRMs. If your softphone runs inside a CRM, Balto can integrate with the softphone portion. We offer an API that can be used to access Balto data. 

Does Balto work for chat or email?

Currently, Real-Time Guidance is only for phone calls. Real-Time Coaching includes a chat feature for managers to communicate internally with agents.

Will my agents be annoyed by Balto?

The vast majority of our customer’s agents love having Balto. We currently have a 4.7-star rating on G2 thanks in large part to reviews from agents.

Pricing & Contracts

How much does Balto cost?

Pricing depends on the number of seats you need and your contract length. Before you buy, we’ll run through the numbers together to make sure Balto pays for itself. 

Balto customers typically see a 16% lift in sales, 53-second lower AHT, and 65% faster ramp time for new agents. If we don’t expect these results for you, we’ll be transparent with you. 

Still Have Questions?

Use our chat to talk with a real Baltonian. Or, if you’re ready for a demo, book a meeting with our sales team. They’re pretty nice.