¿Hablas Español?

Introducing Balto in Spanish

Provide each agent access to your best practices, objection responses, and the most effective Spanish playbooks, all in real time. Empower your agents to win more, stay compliant, and delight customers.

Improve CX for Your Spanish-Speaking Customers

Boost CSAT scores. Reduce dropped calls. Build customer loyalty. Give your Spanish-speaking customers the same excellent customer experience as everyone else.

Tap Into a Massive Market

Don’t miss out on a hot opportunity. Balto in Spanish helps you expand into the second most spoken language market in the U.S. Slash agent ramp time and scale your Spanish-language operations fast.

Don’t Get Lost In Translation 

Prevent costly compliance errors before they happen. Balto in Spanish provides agents with approved language live on the call. Reduce the number of hours you spend on QA by ensuring errors don’t happen in the first place.

“All The balto features you love”

Balto Spanish includes top features that Real-Time Guidance customers have come to depend on to optimize their calls, including:

Real-Time Guidance for Spanish-speaking agents
Smart Checklists and Dynamic Prompts in Spanish
Full access to reporting and English playbooks

Note: Balto in Spanish is geared towards North American contact centers with Spanish-speaking customers! Tap into the rapidly growing Spanish-language market today.

Give Spanish-Speaking Agents the Support They Need