AB Testing Procedures

Upon completion of implementation and Client having access to the Service, Client and Balto will begin a sixty (60) day test subscription period for the Service (“A/B Testing Period”). Balto and Client may mutually agree in writing in advance to extend the A/B Testing Period to up to ninety (90) days at no additional Fee to Client.

Client and Balto will mutually agree in writing (email to suffice) on the date the A/B Testing Period begins, the specific metric(s) to be measured, and the expected increase in those metrics.

During the A/B Testing Period, Client will use the Service in a manner that permits Balto to process a sufficient amount of Client Data to train the Service, including by purchasing at least 15 Agent Seats and providing at least 15 Authorized Users.

During the A/B Testing Period, Client agrees to participate in an A/B test involving Agent performance of the metric(s) specified.

Client and Balto will mutually create an “A” and “B” group that is equal in performance and tenor prior to the start of the A/B Testing Period.

Client agrees to provide Balto with a baseline for the metric(s) to be tested if Balto cannot measure a baseline from the Client Data provided. Client will share Agent and team-level metric(s) data weekly during the A/B Testing Period via email with their designated Balto representative.

By the end of the A/B Testing Period, subject to receipt of sufficient Client Data, Balto will demonstrate that Client has increased the metrics specified by the amount previously specified in writing, compared to Client’s provided metrics baseline.

If Balto does not demonstrate the agreed upon increase in the specified metrics by the end of the A/B Testing Period, then Client may terminate the Agreement for convenience by giving written notice on or before the end of the A/B Testing Period. 

Within two business days after the A/B Testing Period ends, if this Order Form is not terminated, Balto will invoice Client the Annual Grand Total listed above.