Over one trillion dollars are spent annually on sales forces, proving that businesses are investing heavily in their sales departments.

And for good reason.

Sales are what turn contact centers into profit centers. Despite the importance of closing sales, some agents still have trouble hitting their stride during sales calls.

So what do all successful sales calls have in common? What sets them apart from unsuccessful sales calls?

These are some of the characteristics that separate successful calls from lost opportunities.

1. A Clear and Effective Script

One of the main ingredients for a successful sales call is a clear and effective script. Why? Because it makes it easier for your agents to duplicate their success over and over again. A tried-and-true call center script serves as a conversational roadmap, leading agents to repeated success.

Some companies go beyond scripting and use call center scripting software and AI in their contact centers to optimize conversation. One company found that contact center AI helped increase conversions by approximately 20 percent.

2. Objection Rebuttals 

A sale rarely comes without a few hurdles, so agents must develop a plan for overcoming them. Customers almost always raise objections, and it’s the agent’s job to make sure they’re prepared with strategies to overcome objections with rebuttals. It’s essential that a script explores possible objections and offers agents methods for overcoming them.

3. A Sense of Urgency 

Prospective customers (even genuinely interested ones) can easily say that they’ll consider purchasing at a later date. When agents create a sense of urgency, they motivate sales now. Creating a sense of urgency helps in:

  • Increasing your sales
  • Helping customers make fast decisions
  • Reducing the chances of customers buying elsewhere

Create a sense of urgency by setting a time limit, choosing words that create a sense of urgency in sales, using scarcity, or making purchasing easy for the customer.

4. Evident Value

No one will buy something that doesn’t feel valuable to them. Tailoring explanations of value is essential so that the product or service presented feels relevant to each customer, helping to inspire a win. Asking the appropriate questions can help agents determine which product features would provide the most value to each customer.

5. Positive Customer Experience

The customer experience is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business no matter what field you’re in. Agents who exhibit active listening and make the experience feel personalized are the most successful. Maintaining a positive attitude, being honest and clear in your communications, and acknowledging the customer’s challenges or frustrations are also good ways to provide an excellent customer experience and should be a part of call center coaching practices.

6. Attempts to Close 

You’ve probably heard, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” If there’s any hope of closing on a sales call, agents need to be comfortable moving the conversation to that point. They have to know how to close the deal. Agents need to at least attempt closing because it can have a surprising impact on their overall success rates. 

Finding the Right Solution

Now that you know what every successful sales call has in common, you can find a solution that helps you turn every sales call into a success.

Real-Time technology from Balto delivers agents with the right words on every call, listening to both sides of the conversation and prompting agents with the best responses. Balto also makes it simple for agents to request help from managers during tough conversations, and for managers to view their entire team’s performance.

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