Overcome Sales Objections Using A.I.O.A.

In this video, we discuss the #1 mistake sales reps make in overcoming sales objections and how you can use AIOA to handle them with ease.

Too often, sales reps are quick to argue rather than understand. Instead of combating your next objection head-on, try AIOA: Agree, Isolate, Overcome, Ask. No more saying the wrong things in make-or-break moments.


Agree with your customer that her concern is valid.

“I totally understand where you’re coming from.”


Ask a clarifying question to get to the heart of your customer’s concern.

“It sounds like your main concern here is that you don’t have the funds available to make a purchase of this size, is that right?”


Overcome the objection by posing a new idea that might change your customer’s mind. It is key that agents are prepared with time-tested strategies to overcome objections.

“Well, since a lack of immediate funds is your main concern, we could finance the purchase over 36 months to fit your budget.”


“Would this work for you?”

Master Sales Objections

The next time you hear an objection, try AIOA: Agree, Isolate, Overcome, and Ask. Your customers will work with you to solve the problem.

Tricks like these help, but it’s undeniably tough to boost an entire team’s results. For more insight into how to improve performance and consistently scale excellence to every rep, check out our on-demand webinar, or read more sales tips from Balto’s internal experts.

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