The loss of its original call analysis provider ultimately led 3BG to fewer drop-offs and more successful deals using Balto

The Challenge

Securing a replacement for an “analog” post-call analysis system

The name 3BG might be short for “3 Bald Guys,” and the office atmosphere is upbeat. But one thing 3BG takes very seriously is a streamlined sales process and excellent customer service.

While competitors experience supply chain issues, 3BG’s business model circumvents them. The company simplifies the purchase process with factory direct shipping of industrial MRO (maintenance repair operations) products. One inbound call is typically one and done with 3BG’s customer-centric omnichannel experience. So proper communication makes or breaks the sale.

Management initially relied on a post-call guidance system, a tool that analyzed completed sales interactions for areas of improvement. It facilitated reviews and suggestions moving forward after calls. But it didn’t have the capability to retain the deal while the call was in progress.

3BG learned in early 2020 that its call guidance provider was ceasing operations, leaving the company with two objectives moving forward.

  1. Seamless integration of a new system with their existing softphone provider, RingCentral
  2. Securing a service that not only reviewed call strategy but retained sales using in-call prompts instead of post-call analysis

“When searching for a new solution, Balto was probably our first choice once it came to our attention that there was AI guidance software in the world.”

Shane Araujo, 3BG President

The Solution

Transitioning from post-call evaluation to in-the-moment assistance using Balto’s Real-Time Guidance

After thorough investigation online of solutions for post-call analysis, 3BG came across a newer contender in the call evaluation arena — one that used AI to provide not only call analysis live on calls, but also real-time conversation guidance. That solution was Balto.

While 3BG benefited from call feedback and analysis from its previous provider, one that President and Co-Founder Shane Araujo refers to as an “analog service,” the idea of Balto’s AI guidance was intriguing. Plus, the platform checked a key requirement: integration with RingCentral. Shane shared, “Once we found Balto, we had the meeting booked so fast. I stopped looking after that.”

After implementation, 3BG quickly saw value in Balto’s ability to rapidly scale 3BG’s proven sales tactics to all agents.

Balto’s AI-driven Real-Time Guidance platform rides along all calls, listening to both sides of the conversation and ensuring the most successful sales language is deployed each time. It guides the conversation from start to finish with real-time objection response recommendations and a Smart Checklist, so agents know they are hitting their marks.

Instead of looking back to see what went wrong after a call is lost, Balto keeps 3BG team members on course throughout every call, guiding them to a successful conclusion.

The Real-Time Guidance Agent app isn’t the only tool, though. Balto’s Cloud app provides supervisors with essential call metrics and critical KPI tracking. So, 3BG still has access to accurate, updated, and reliable feedback used to facilitate performance reviews, training, and coaching opportunities.

Now, the company relies on Balto’s Real-Time Guidance platform, ever-present on sales agents’ monitors.

“… we’re almost too reliant on Balto now.”

Shane Araujo, 3BG President

Key Results

A more effective sales strategy with a higher closing rate and reduced customer purchase frustration

Because Balto’s Real-Time Guidance platform seamlessly integrates with RingCentral, the system worked out of the gate. As a longstanding RingCentral MVP customer, 3BG depends on the cloud platform for reliable uptime, voice quality, and its ability to handle high call volume.

With both solutions working in tandem, 3BG was able to quickly scale their expert closing tactics to new agents and help experienced agents stay on track. Today, everyone on the sales team benefits from in-call prompts, handy checklists, and a virtual toolbox for success.

Some of the benefits 3BG experienced with Real-Time Guidance include:

  • A faster transition from inexperienced new staff members to sales experts
  • Higher sales conversion with in-call guidance compared to post-call analysis
  • Quantifiable data for teaching, coaching, and reviews
  • Seamless integration with RingCentral
  • Ability to update playbooks and enhance the AI’s capability

The impact of Balto’s Real-Time Guidance system on the training process was evident during a check-in call with Shane. There was a brief but welcomed interruption as he provided us with feedback on the effectiveness of AI implementation. One of his sales agents shared news about closing a relatively large deal by innovative problem-solving in a single call.

After accolades to the staff member, Shane responded, “You want a case study? There you go. The guy just started live on Monday!”