Reduction in Training Time

Increase in MRR

More Sales Appointments

With Balto’s Real-Time Guidance and custom client-specific playbooks, Sales Development Reps are prepared to interact expertly with executive-level decision-makers in 83% less time

The Challenge

Providing continuous expedited in-call training for Sales Development Reps acting on behalf of numerous clients

Sales agents aren’t just the lifeblood of Arsenal Business Growth but also the various clients it represents. Arsenal Business Growth, headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, is a successful BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) agency. Its mission is to assume tasks from other businesses to take them to the next level.

Arsenal offers various services, including social media, website design, Google ads, and creatives. However, what sets Arsenal apart from competitors is its highly-proficient team of Sales Development Reps (SDRs). The SDRs work the phones on behalf of clients, booking appointments, providing leads, generating sales, and interacting with C-level executives. So, training isn’t a one-time thing, as every new client and project is unique.

Because time is money, Arsenal needs its SDRs up to speed quickly, efficiently, and able to seamlessly transition from one client to another, presenting three challenges:

  • Expedited training
  • Real-time coaching as opposed to post-call evaluations
  • Client-specific scripts and in-call guidance

Training for Arsenal SDRs is two-fold. The initial training for new hires is followed by a subsequent learning curve prompted by every new client acquisition. SDRs are assigned four to five clients and use customized approaches for each.

As Arsenal represents a client on every sales call, there’s no room for error. So, post-call analysis is always helpful, but real-time prompts are the only way for SDRs to get the best results.

“I see a better success rate with those who use the Balto system than the ones who don’t.”

Jessica Scott, Operations manager, Arsenal Business Growth

The Solution

AI-driven dynamic prompts and customized talk track capability allow for unlimited client flexibility

Even though the Real-Time Guidance product has been proven effective by Balto’s vast array of clients, Arsenal Business Growth has really put it to the test. First, Balto needed to work with RingCentral MVP, the softphone service Arsenal Business Growth relies on for call uptime, voice quality, and its ability to handle high call volume. That wasn’t an issue, as Balto integrates with over 50 softphone services. With RingCentral MVP, the integration was seamless.

Second, the system is typically integrated into a company’s customer service or sales center using talk tracks called playbooks, which are tailor-made for that particular organization. However, Arsenal’s SDRs represent other businesses. So, a handful of playbooks isn’t going to cut it, as the client base is diverse and ever-changing.

Operations manager, Jessica Scott, shared, “We’re definitely a different playbook-user than most. We’ll probably have 100 playbooks by the end of next month.” Balto was able to provide the technical bandwidth and necessary playbook volume to meet Arsenal Business Growth’s needs. The playbooks are essential in addressing Arsenal Business Growth’s objectives. They’re the driving force behind Balto’s Real-Time Guidance, providing dynamic in-call prompts proven to yield the most successful results.

Simultaneously, the system is like on-the-job training. New hires can get to work but are never left alone, as checklists keep them on track. There are also instant suggestions based on the playbook-AI combination to guide them through make-or-break moments.

“Balto has fundamentally changed our onboarding process. We’ve reduced training time from about six months to one month.”

Aaron Asher, Owner, Arsenal Business Growth

Key Results

Training time reduced and monthly recurring revenue gets a big boost

Rapid and effective training leads to a top-notch team, and Arsenal Business Growth relies on its SDRs’ expertise. Balto’s Real-Time Guidance has contributed to the agency’s ability to maintain and expand upon its client portfolio. But SDRs consistently provide the same high-quality service and attention to detail, regardless of the scope of work.

Some of the benefits that Arsenal Business Growth attributes to its use of Real-Time Guidance include:

  • Expedited training – from approximately six months to just one month (83% reduction)
  • High-quality conversations with decision-makers
  • Easy identification of coachable moments
  • A $250,000 increase in monthly recurring revenue
  • The ability to create unlimited, client-specific playbooks

For a business like Arsenal’s that schedules appointments and builds sales pipelines for a diverse client base, having a highly adaptable AI-powered real-time guidance system like Balto’s is measurably impactful. Since 2019, it’s provided Arsenal Business Growth with improved training, more successful interactions, superior client service, and increased revenue.

“We’ve added almost $250,000 MRR since implementing Balto back in 2019 and have 10x’d our sales appointments scheduled.”

Aaron Asher, Owner, Arsenal Business Growth