Proximo CX leverages real-time insights from Balto to provide unparalleled value to clients

The Challenge

Nearly every BPO leader in the world is thinking about one thing when it comes to growing business: How do I differentiate myself from the other guys? Every BPO wants a bigger slice of the pie, and there’s a lot of ways to make the cut.

Michael McMillan, CEO of Proximo CX, has asked himself this question his entire career — and has found the answer. He’s a life-long veteran of the BPO industry, going from working a one-family operation to overseeing numerous centers around the world. He’ll be the first to tell you, BPOs can’t just rely on cost- and time-savings to earn business and make themselves essential to their clients’ success.

In the old days, you could rely on offering up savings to grow your BPO’s revenue. But now, BPOs need more than that. Clients don’t just need a BPO to get their businesses off the ground — they need a BPO to move their needle over time.

“The reality is most clients in our world are already mid-tier businesses who have proved their products should exist in the world,” says McMillan. “They’re not growing the business, they’re growing their company.”

Although offering short-term solutions like cost reduction or capacity increases are still big opportunities in the BPO world, they’re not the plays that helped Michael take his business where it is today.

“If my client has a big problem, I’ll have to increase my staff by 20%. But as soon as that problem is resolved, I’ll have to drop 35 to 40% of my staff count because the client’s revenues are now impacted. If you just go and try to get your money today, you’re going to eventually lose the client faster.” — Michael McMillan

So how has McMillan geared his BPO to stay invaluable to his clients?

The Solution

McMillan knew he needed something that provides insights into the challenges his clients face every day. That search led him to Balto’s Real-Time Guidance Platform.

Not only does Balto help Proximo’s reps “get online faster,” real-time insights are what helps McMillan differentiate himself from his competition and grow his slice of the business. Investing in technology not only supports McMillan’s team, but also “helps our clients be better.”

“Balto lets me connect what was said and what the end result was,” he says. “That allows me to get trend reporting at a pace that business is moving today.”

For example, Proximo CX is able to use Balto’s Win Rate Analysis to identify the phrases that almost always lead to positive call outcomes and report these trends back to his clients. These results keep McMillan and Proximo CX close – or “stuck” – to his clients for years.

The Results

With McMillan’s philosophy of making his company “sticky” through insights, Proximo is quickly becoming a BPO known for providing real, long-term value to his clients. “That’s what Proximo is built for,” he says. “To predict the future in real-time.” That’s how Proximo CX predicts the future for its clients.

And with insights from Balto that none of his competitors have, Proximo is doubling down on this competitive advantage — and keeps its spot as the trusted advisor and BPO-of-record.