Insurance sales are notoriously difficult. There’s so much packed in every pitch, from qualifying to bundling. How can you simplify the process so your reps can start selling?

In a recent episode of Reimagining the Contact Center, Rob Liano (telesales trainer, coach, and consultant who’s helped many insurance companies sell more insurance) outlined the steps reps can use to sell more insurance. Here are his 7 steps for success (including a couple pro tips):

Preface the Sale and Build Rapport

Explain why you are calling and begin building a relationship. Don’t try to make a sale, try to gain a customer instead.

  • Pro Tip: Start with a connection. “I was assigned to your account, and I look forward to assisting you.” It makes the potential customer feel like they are supposed to be talking to you.

Customer’s Needs Analysis

Qualify the sale and budget by asking if the customer has insurance coverage already.

  • If their answer is “Yes”: “What do you like about it/dislike about it?” Provide packages that solve for the things they dislike.
  • If their answer is “No”: “When are you looking to start?” This qualifies them and their purchase timeframe.

Customer’s Needs Confirmation

Summarize the customer’s needs and what they are looking for to ensure you aren’t missing anything. If you can clearly communicate their needs back to them, this demonstrates that you were listening to them and took their interests seriously.

Customer’s Needs Exploration

Determine what else the customer may need in order to bundle additional packages. Customers are more likely to stick around when they have several products from you vs. just one.

Customer’s Needs Solution

Summarize the package and demonstrate the value. You demonstrate your value by asking the right questions and being the subject matter expert. You demonstrate the insurance company’s value by clearly stating who they are and what they offer. You demonstrate the package’s value by what the customer will be receiving.

  • Pro Tip: Use the term “here’s what you are getting” vs. “here’s what’s in the package.” It’s more definitive.

Price Introduction

Provide the final package price. Always offer the best solution to them even if it’s over budget so they know you are providing them with what you would provide your mother.

Button It Up

Don’t just say “Thank you for your time. Have a great day.” You just asked them a lot of personal questions. Ensure you walk them through what will happen after they get off the phone. Provide them with your contact information at the end so they can contact you with any questions.

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