Improving the agent experience hasn’t always been the first priority to improve contact center performance and revenue. But with rising economic pressure, rising churn costs due to an agent experience crisis are a big risk.

Improving agents’ day-to-day shouldn’t be a compromise. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there to keep agents happy in their roles and keep your attrition costs down.

One of those options is Balto’s Real-Time Guidance, which is proven to keep agents happier at work.

Keep reading to learn why agents who use Balto are more satisfied in their roles. We’ll show you the data to prove it and how you can take advantage of the same benefits.

How Guidance Software (Of Any Kind) Makes Agents Happier

A common line you’ve probably heard is: “Only new agents need guidance software.” While guidance software (or call coaching software) does have great benefits for onboarding new agents, this isn’t the complete picture.

A recent survey from Balto’s Conversation Excellence Lab examined how agents are building successful careers in contact centers. The report asked if tenured agents used guidance software during their onboarding and if they used it now, and how helpful they found it during both phases in their career.

Not only did tenured agents find guidance software helpful during onboarding, but they also found it just as helpful in their current roles:

(An important note from the Lab: the 12-14 year tenure marks had the lowest sample size and may not be statistically significant enough to analyze, which explains the volatility of the line graph at that point. Without those data points, call coaching software consistently hovered around a 4 out of 5 in helpfulness for new and tenured agents alike.)

These data points were not tied to any specific software or platform. As long as agents had access to any guidance software during calls, they were:

  • 57% more likely to be working toward a promotion
  • 13% more likely to view the contact center as a great place to work
  • 10% more satisfied with their pay
  • 4% more likely to feel respected by their manager
  • 3% more likely to feel respected by their peers

Agents Who Use Balto Are Happier in Their Roles

In the survey, the Lab also asked the agents if they were using Balto. Here’s the breakdown of the responses:

Do you use Balto?
% of total
I don’t know

This data was cross-referenced with each group’s average job and pay satisfaction. On average, Balto users were 10% more satisfied with their job and 9% more satisfied with their pay than agents not using Balto. They were also 14% more satisfied with their job than agents not using guidance software at all.

And Balto users were nearly unanimous in believing that the contact center was a good place to build a career, and almost all of them were planning on getting a promotion.

Not only did these agents see the benefits of guidance software, but Balto also supported their career growth and improved their day-to-day experience.

That’s a winning combo for attrition rates and avoiding churn costs. Meanwhile, a positive agent experience means better customer interactions that translate to better profits.

How Balto Improves the Agent Experience (And How You Can Too)

Simply put, Balto empowers your agents to be their best.

You’ve already seen the data to prove it, but let’s dig into how it happens.

What is Balto?

Balto is an enterprise solution for contact centers that can help your agents satisfy more customers, retain more clients, and close more sales. We have three primary services: Real-Time Guidance for empowering agents, Real-Time QA for automatic call scoring, and Real-Time Coaching for proactive coaching.

How does Real-Time Guidance empower my agents?

Balto’s Real-Time Guidance platform enables agents to confidently navigate every conversation.

With smart checklists and dynamic prompts, agents get the right information they need, when they need it. Balto helps you take the guesswork out of scaling your talk track and stay ahead of the curve by crowdsourcing what works from your agents, testing it out, and making recommendations on how you can strengthen your calls. Gamification and agent customization personalizes each agent’s experience and needs so they can to perform at their best.

Keep Your Agents Happy With Balto

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