Real-Time Coaching
Coach the Right Calls, In Real Time

Real-Time Coaching allows managers to support their agents in make-or-break moments. Get automatically alerted for coachable moments, instantly join the call, and provide the coaching your agents need to save calls before they’re lost.

Faster Ramp Time

More Conversions

Increase in CSAT

Calls Guided in Real-Time

Coach More Efficiently

Empower your managers with real-time insights and coaching opportunities
for immediate agent improvement and impactful business results.

Save calls before they’re lost

Automatically monitor your agents’ conversations for positive, negative, or informative events. Set triggers for phrases, keywords, or soft skills. When triggers are set off, managers instantly receive an alert to see which calls need coaching.

Live Listen

Join calls that triggered an alert with a single click. Plus, get a real-time transcript of the conversation to understand what led to the alert.

Agent Chat

Impact the outcome of critical calls before it’s too late. Nudge agents, provide backup for calls at risk, or congratulate agents for a job well done.

Free up time to improve calls.

Post-call coaching pulls agents off the phone and takes too much time away from managers. With Real-Time Coaching, get back time for managerial work and accelerate improvement across the entire team immediately.

Calls Explorer

Call recordings and expertly redacted transcripts, all in one place

Calls explorer lets you set custom filters so you can explore calls the way you want to. Access transcripts, redacted call recordings, and notable moments in one centralized location.


Ask Anything You Want to Know

Analyze calls instantly, answer questions about your contact center at scale, give yourself the ability to take action.

Coach critical moments from anywhere

Walk the floor no matter where your agents are. See how individuals or groups of agents are performing, identify top agents and top offenders, monitor conversations, and hop in when agents need help.


Automatically rank agents by performance and visualize alerts triggered over time. Get key insights on the entire team so you can tailor coaching programs easily and effectively.

Activity Log

Track alert frequency and how often managers took action to understand and improve manager coaching habits.

“Balto eliminated the negative association that coaching had with our agents. Now they come into coaching sessions and they have a list of things they want to have a conversation about for improvement versus ‘What did I do wrong now?’”

Sean Wheaton, Contact Center Supervisor,
UGA Finance

Full Real-Time Coaching Feature List

The Incredible Impact of Real-Time Coaching

“Balto is a life saver!”

– Destiny H., Agent Review on G2

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