Working on the frontline of a sales team can be intimidating. After all, as Balto Senior Sales Development Representative Carlos Ribera Zankiz puts it, cold calling “isn’t exactly a hobby.”

But Carlos has some tips for navigating this fast-paced (and frequently disappointing) environment successfully, and even having some fun along the way. 

Trust The Process

It’s easy to get discouraged or bogged down by the repetition of cold calling. Carlos suggests figuring out a structure, and keeping the bigger picture in mind. 

“You’re making dozens and dozens of calls a day. And sometimes it can get a little overwhelming because you’re not necessarily getting the conversations that you hope for. But it’s important to just trust the process. It’s not all going to be perfect. When you do get a meeting, when someone does say yes, it’s a really good feeling.”

Carlos says that being able to reset after a win is just as important as letting go of a loss. 

“It’s just realizing that this is definitely a big mental game and being able to reset everything. Everything goes back to zero once the quarter’s over. Hey, you did great this quarter? Cool. Do it again next quarter.”

Whether it’s a day full of wins or rejections, Carlos’ advice can be summed up simply: don’t take it too seriously. There will always be more calls. If you’re still waiting on your breakthrough, just keep trusting the process. If you’ve had a successful run, keep your effort high. 

Stay Coachable and Perseverant 

Veteran sales reps and newcomers alike need one essential quality according to Carlos: coachability. 

“You should be coachable. So being open to criticism or being open to suggestions from your team. And honestly, from yourself. Hey, that call didn’t go so well. Why? It typically isn’t on you. But could you have done something better? Could you have said something differently? Your tone could have been different. There’s so many little things that sometimes get overlooked, but it’s just important to be able to be open to improvements.”

In addition to coachability, Carlos says that perseverance is another ingredient in the recipe for a great sales rep. 

“As cliche as it may seem, perseverance is very important. There are going to be days and weeks, and sometimes even months that are rougher than others, but just know that you’re one no closer to a yes. So it’s important to just keep that in mind and realize you literally have no idea what the next call is going to bring.”

If you’re willing to implement changes and you’re not deterred by bad calls, then you already possess the two qualities Carlos ranks as most important in sales. 

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

If working in sales starts to feel too heavy, just try taking a page out of Carlos’ playbook. 

“You realize it comes down to a game and it’s just a matter of who can play it better. Because you’re not always going to win, and that’s okay.”

Ultimately, Carlos says sales can be fun, as long as you approach it with the right perspective and trust the process. Learn to shake off the bad calls and enjoy the wins. Have a sense of humor when you’re rejected and savor your successes — just don’t linger there for too long, everything resets eventually anyway. 

And even on the worst calls, remember: you’re one no closer to a yes. 


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