Balto QA Copilot
QA Your Way With Superhuman Levels of Accuracy and Consistency

How Will Balto QA Copilot Transform Your Contact Center?

Build QA Scorecards

QA your way, powered by the best-in-class generative AI

With Balto QA Copilot, auto-score calls based on natural language criteria. Score how you want to score – no constraining limitations, templates, or technical expertise needed.

Review Agents’ QA Scores

Balto QA Copilot helps you avoid spot-checking and QA’s calls instantly

Coaching Opportunities

Personalized AI-generated coaching opportunities for your agents

Source valuable insights, foster continuous growth, and refine your coaching strategies by uncovering targeted coaching opportunities to your agents.

Real-Time Quality Assurance
Goodbye, Random Sampling

Balto QA Copilot

Watch this short commercial to see how Balto QA Copilot can take you to new heights.