Empower Agents to Close More Sales

Balto guides reps to win the call and measures what’s working in real-time. Increase conversion rates by up to 26% in just 45 days.

Give Every Rep the Words That Sell

No more saying the wrong things in make-or-break moments. Guide every rep to sell like your top performers.

  • Balto’s Dynamic Prompts show reps the best discovery questions and rebuttals – exactly when they need them
  • Real-Time Coaching instantly alerts managers for critical moments, allowing them to guide reps live on the call

Coach All Reps Without Lifting a Finger

That means ramping new reps faster — and making all reps a little better with every call they make.

  • Balto’s Checklist reminds reps to always hit the basics
  • Notifications train out bad habits right in the moment
  • Real-Time QA automatically scores 100% of calls and helps managers identify the root cause of lost revenue

Measure What Works and Scale It Instantly

No more guessing — make your message better every day.

  • Balto’s Win Rate Analysis lets you test phrases against each other and automatically shows reps the winning option
  • Dashboards show you what’s winning calls so you can scale it to all reps instantly


Drive real business outcomes with Real-Time.

Increase in Sales

Faster Ramp Time

Higher Close Rate Among New Hires

Break Sales Records in Just 45 Days

See immediate revenue growth with lightning-fast installation and onboarding. Scale perfect conversations with Real-Time Guidance.

Here’s How Sales Teams Use Balto

Reps Get Guidance on the Side of Their Screen

  • The Smart Checklist shows reps key talking points
  • Dynamic Prompts show reps phrases and questions when they need them most
  • Notifications discourage bad habits
  • Live Chat lets reps chat with managers to get immediate guidance for critical calls

Managers Coach and Analyze Data in Real-Time

  • Scale ideal conversations to all reps with Balto’s Playbook Designer
  • Set up alerts for key moments on calls and coach via Live Chat with Real-Time Guidance
  • Dig into real-time data with Reporting and QA Scores

Quality Assurance Monitors Quality and Drives Improvement

  • Set up scorecards and weighted criteria with Real-Time QA
  • Identify what’s driving low or high scores with Real-Time Scores
  • Measure long-term quality trends and coaching effectiveness with Reports


No-Code Installation

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After 30 Days of A/B Testing: 132% More Conversions

In a one-month long A/B test with 90 reps, this Balto customer walked away with 132% higher close rates.

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