Skyrocket Your Close Rate With Effective Discovery

Thursday, September 7th at 1 PM CT | 2 PM ET | 11 AM PT

Proper Discovery Can Make Or Break Your Close Rate

When salespeople are not meeting expectations, the common perception is that there is a closing problem to be fixed. But rarely is closing the issue — closing issues are often a symptom of failures during the discovery phase of the sales process.

When discovery is not conducted properly, deals stall and price becomes the center point of decision-making. Get discovery right, and your conversation rates will skyrocket.

Join Lee Salz, sales management strategist and bestselling author of Sales Differentiation and Sell Different!, for a 60-minute masterclass on discovery best practices.

During this program, you’ll learn:
  • How to develop a discovery meeting strategy that energizes your deals and positions you to win .
  • The emotional transformation a buyer goes through and how salespeople can incorporate it int their discovery
  • The three types of questions that comprise an effective discovery meeting
  • Pain — you found it, but you didn’t get the deal. We’ll cover the step you likely missed
  • The common mistakes salespeople make when asking discovery questions
  • How to determine which information to share during a discovery meeting
  • Discovery cliffhangers to keep your deal moving forward
  • A super-effective post-discovery technique that you likely aren’t using

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🗓 Thursday, September 7th at 1 PM CT

Meet the Speaker

Lee Salz

Lee Salz, founder and CEO of Sales Architects®, is an internationally renowned sales management strategist specializing in building world-class salesforces. He is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, sales consultant, and keynote speaker. Lee is a bestselling author of six business books. His most recent books, Sales Differentiation and Sell Different!, have been called “the one-two punch” every salesperson needs. His seventh book, focused on discovery strategy, is in development and will be published by HarperCollins in the Fall of 2025.

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