Learn how an insurance company improved sales and agent satisfaction with seamless implementation of Balto’s real-time guidance solution

The Challenge

Sales seeks deeper insights for agent improvement during challenging times

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Kansas City-based Insurance company, Mylo, made the choice to transition its contact center agents to remote work. While this helped to ensure their safety, it presented a whole new set of challenges the company hadn’t contended with before. Jeremy Duane, Mylo’s Director of Sales, had always been a proponent of traditional coaching methods like walking the floor and assisting agents in person, but the new remote working conditions made this kind of management impossible.

He wanted a solution that would help him conduct performance management and quality control, ensure compliance, provide an in-depth reporting suite, and most of all: help his agents perform to the best of their abilities. “Our blueprint works; but we wanted to help our agents follow it and set them up for success,” said Duane.

The Solution

Mylo turns to Balto’s advanced AI solution and tests its potential

When Duane was first introduced to Balto, he was hesitant. He had heard about Balto’s Real-Time Guidance platform, an AI-powered conversation improvement tool that helps agents say the right things, live on every call. But he wasn’t sure it would meet his expectations for data rigor and ease of use, or how easy it would be to implement. But he was impressed enough with the demo to give Balto a chance and decided that Balto was a great fit for Mylo’s needs.

The demo with Mylo involved an A/B test to see if agents truly performed better with Balto. The A/B test measured customer satisfaction as well as conversion from opportunity to quote, and presented quote to sold customer. Based on data from the tests, commercial lines agents using Balto performed better on average for new and tenured agents alike. “Delivering an exceptional customer experience is a critical part of our sales process and Balto helps ensure we deliver the best possible experience to our clients,” said Duane.

In tandem with implementing Balto, Mylo also switched to a model of agent specialization, where each agent served as an expert on an individual product or service, instead of as a generalist.

“With these changes and Balto, we had our best fiscal year ever. On top of that, we saw individuals on the phone selling in a four-week time span compared to eight or nine weeks before Balto.”

Jeremy Duane, Director of Sales, Mylo

Key Results

Mylo sees results from rapid implementation to remote worker success

From start to finish, Balto delivered on key implementation, sales, and support measures, including:

  • < 1 hour of Genesys softphone system set up time
  • 8-9 week sales cycle reduced to 4
  • Quick response and guidance from Customer Success Manager
  • Happier, more effective agents in record time

Balto met with Mylo’s IT Manager and guided him through using his Genesys admin access to set up a Balto application within their environment. The entire process took less than forty-five minutes, and Balto was able to schedule a final validation with an agent the next day to ensure the integration was working.

Aside from Balto’s Implementation Team, Duane attributed the implementation’s success to his Customer Success Manager. “We talked quite frequently and he was great at pushing us along from a build-out standpoint. Having him there to help us stay on track was helpful, and he’s always receptive about the things we want Balto to be able to do.”

It’s not easy to manage a remote workforce, but Balto can help with that.

“It gave us another sophisticated tool that enables the agents to provide a guided sales experience. We hire recent college graduates and insert them into a complex industry. Providing them with real-time information and knowledge is a serious leg up and path to success.”

Jeremy Duane, Director of Sales, Mylo

Next Steps

If you would like to learn more about Balto’s best-in-class implementation and integration process, and how our real-time platform can boost your contact center’s KPIs, schedule a demo today.