It’s tough for agents to remember all the talking points they need for one industry, let alone several. Add in constantly changing scripts? You’re just asking for constant manager interventions.

Our customer, UGA Finance, found themselves in this exact situation. When agents couldn’t get the answer to a customer’s question, they would put the call on hold and go ask a manager for more information. Each call took longer than it should, cutting down the amount of calls agents could handle in a day.

Speech Analytics Provided Insights For Coaching. But Agents Still Relied On Managers To Answer Questions

Using a popular speech analytics solution, UGA was able to provide great coaching sessions — at the cost of two or three meetings a week. For each of those meetings, all 80 agents were being pulled off the phones.

In the meantime, agents still had to get up and ask managers for assistance if they couldn’t remember what to say on a live call.

There’s a lot less value in coaching on something that has already happened as opposed to something that is happening now.
– Contact Center Manager, UGA Finance

Automatically Showing Agents The Answers – A Split Second After The Caller Asks The Question

UGA had heard of Real-Time Guidance and was ready to try a new approach. They reached out to Balto with their thoughts, wanting to see if different technology could solve their problem.

I felt in my heart of hearts this was the dream product we needed.
– Contact Center Manager, UGA Finance

After getting their hands on Balto, UGA quickly built several Playbooks using their best talking points for each and every customer’s industry.

In less than a day of training, UGA agents were responding to calls using Balto. Balto automatically launched the right Playbook based on the call topic and, when a caller asked a question, automatically showed the agent the answer on their screens.

Jumping from medical billing to a student loan conversation? No problem. Agents had all the information they needed to handle every call without involving a manager.

In Other Words: Agent Productivity Skyrocketed, And Handle Times Got Teeny Tiny

And with the ability to update playbooks with the push of a button, managers could get script updates out to all agents in minutes. No need for weekly training sessions; more time for agents to stay on the phones.

With real-time, it’s like having a manager at the agents’ desks at all times. Balto is a powerful way to keep our agents up-to-date, without wasted time.
– Contact Center Manager, UGA Finance

With Real-Time Guidance, UGA killed two birds with one stone:

  1. Lower handle times: Agents have all the information they need for every situation, when they need it. No more putting customers on hold while talking to a manager.
  2. Higher agent productivity: Spending less time training on script updates means more time on the phones.

No more wasting time. Just better calls.