Balto uses generative AI to revolutionize QA call scoring  

St. Louis – Balto, the first company to provide real-time guidance to contact centers, unveils the latest leap forward in QA automation for contact centers: Balto QA Copilot. Joining a fleet of real-time guidance, coaching, and notetaking tools, Balto QA Copilot allows users to auto-score calls based on natural language criteria — without constraining limitations or templates.

Part of the same platform trained on 40M customer calls, Balto QA Copilot helps your QA team focus on improving your agents’ conversations, not just scoring them. Balto QA Copilot helps your team avoid sporadic spot-checking and QA’s calls instantly.

“Traditional QA is very much keyword focused, it demands extensive labor and can remain inaccurate, leaving your agents devoid of receiving essential soft skills,” said Balto’s VP of Customer Success, Rob Westervelt. “Generative AI is able to score calls better than any other QA tool can, it is our unparalleled solution.”

“Balto QA Copilot redefines the future of quality assurance in contact centers. With its intuitive generative AI, teams can now transform conversations, focusing on meaningful interactions rather than tedious scoring,” conveyed Balto’s VP of Marketing, Maria Edington. “At Balto, we believe in enhancing every conversation, and Balto QA Copilot does just that.”

Companies interested in learning more about Balto QA Copilot can sign up for an educational webinar today, January 25th here.

About Balto

Balto unites agents with AI to enable better conversations that deliver results. Top-performing contact centers trust Balto’s real-time guidance enterprise solution to prevent missed sales opportunities, costly compliance mistakes, and negative customer experiences. Today, Balto has guided over 250 million calls, provided over 450 million real-time recommendations, and driven millions in increased revenue.