If you’re a manager in the collections industry, you need to keep your agents from breaking laws and regulations on calls. If you don’t know exactly when mistakes are happening, you’re forced to mine call recordings and find them. It takes too long and doesn’t build confidence in your agents over time.

ARS Managers Spent Hours Every Week to Mine Calls

Accelerated Receivables Solutions (ARS) knows this pain. They had developed a call auditing system that helped find when agents weren’t compliant. It worked, but at a cost: compliance was up, but managers were mining call recordings every week.

“You had to bounce around from representative to representative to find that one bad call to coach. It’s a full day spent just mining for education opportunities.” — Randi Gabel, Collections Floor Manager, Accelerated Receivables Solutions

ARS managers were listening to — at a minimum — 25 calls a week, per rep. Multiply that across eight or nine reps, and that’s almost an entire week just listening to call recordings. Sure, compliance violations were slashed, but managers had no time to focus on any other work.

Real-Time Guidance Helped Calls, But Could It Help Coaching?

Since 2019, ARS has used Real-Time Guidance by Balto to give agents the right language to stay compliant and increase collections. Real-Time Guidance gave reps the best information and let managers see where agents were still making mistakes. But managers had to wait until the call was over to coach and correct mistakes.

When Balto introduced Real-Time Coaching in 2021, ARS was interested. A key function of Real-Time Coaching is the alerts that managers can set to trigger when reps need guidance on live calls. ARS jumped at the chance to try them out. Managers set alerts for when reps didn’t follow their Decklists: if they went off script, managers would immediately know and could listen in to the call.

“Real-time coaching is amazing. You have the opportunity to coach live. In the past, it was going to be a call from yesterday or the week before bringing that back and then having to coach your way through it.” — Randi Gabel, Collections Floor Manager, Accelerated Receivables Solutions

Now Agents Are Collection Champs Without Mining Calls

In just a few weeks, managers were already spending less time digging through call recordings. After a few months, mining for coaching opportunities is a thing of the past. Now, reps can focus on following their scripts, making collections, and building their telephone skills — exactly what managers always wanted to focus on.

“Reps are being guided; management knows the guidance that we’re providing is being used. The stress has been eased on both ends.” — Randi Gabel, Collections Floor Manager, Accelerated Receivables Solutions

ARS managers now focus their time on building new training and QA programs — projects they couldn’t do in the past. But with the confidence that they can guide their reps when they need it most, the possibilities are endless.