Better Customer Service with Insurance Agent Software

Balto helps sales, customer service, and claims teams achieve peak performance. Real-time call coaching helps contact centers become more efficient and productive.

Use Call Center AI Software to Get Results


Increase conversion rates by 20-35%.

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Customer Experience

Know what’s happening on 100% of your calls.

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Debt Collections

Boost Average Payment Collected by 50-75%.

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Ramp Time

75% faster ramp time.

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Know what’s happening on 100% of your calls.

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Scale perfect calls to everyone in your contact center

Balto listens to both sides of a conversation and shows agents the best things to say, live on every call.


Agents Consistently Perform at Their Best

New agent or seasoned expert: No more saying the wrong things in make-or-break moments.

  • Nail the basics on every call.
  • Ask better questions, listen more, and overcome objections.
  • Go for the sale, every time.


Managers Know What’s Happening on 100% of Calls

Managers use Balto to hold their team accountable, ensure compliance, and give agents better coaching.


Managers Use Data to Break Records

Managers get data on exactly what’s working and what’s not and make changes across their entire contact center, with the push of a button.


More Data Means More Improvements

Agents get better coaching, managers ensure they’re using it, and use data to improve even more. This loop allows contact centers to continuously improve.

Why Real-Time Guidance?

The current system is broken.
No matter how much training you provide, your agents forget the right thing to say on a call. And, if you’re relying on post-call analytics, you’re always a few steps behind. Contact centers are turning to real-time guidance to deliver better results on every single call.

See how top contact centers use Balto

National General Closes More Quotes and Lowers AHT With Balto

Using Balto’s AI-powered real-time guidance solution, National General has streamlined calls, continued to make agents’ jobs easier and further improved the customer experience.

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World-Class Customer Service Drives Insurance Companies Forward

This multinational insurance provider increased their CSAT scores, got triple-digit growth in survey completion rates, shorter and more effective calls, faster onboarding, and saved in QA costs.

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ONLINE Information Services Uses Balto For More Effective Onboarding & Collections Calls

ONLINE Information Services Inc. turned to Balto’s to improve their compliance, training, and overall contact center operations.

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Transforming Sales, QA, and Customer Service with Balto

After one of the largest flooring companies in the U.S tested Balto, their saves rate increased by 26.1%. In the first 3 months, Balto helped save $3.2 million dollars.

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Changing Insurance Conversations

One of the largest health insurance companies in the country wanted to see how much Balto could impact their close rate. The Balto users had a 71% higher quote rate and a 132% higher close rate than Non-Balto users.

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Improving Insurance Metrics with Balto​

After setting up an A/B test and analyzing 10,000+ calls for a large insurance firm we found that the company saw a 15% increase in conversion rates and more.

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Want To See Balto In Action?

There’s no better way to see the power of real-time than to experience it live. Request a demo and we’ll show you the power of Balto’s real-time guidance in real-time on our first call.

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