Balto, the #1 Real-Time Guidance platform, has announced the end of contact center coaching and QA as we know it with the launch of two new products: Real-Time Coaching and Real-Time QA.

With 70 million analyzed calls under their belt, Balto is no stranger to bringing outdated post-call practices into the future. “When we launched Real-Time Guidance in 2017, we wanted to make conversations better as they’re happening – not after they were over,” says Balto CEO Marc Bernstein. “We set out to change the game for contact centers by scaling excellent conversations at the push of a button. Now, we’re coming for contact center coaching and QA.”

Rather than relying on small, random samples of calls to gauge agent performance and waiting days or weeks before coaching sessions, Real-Time Coaching and Real-Time QA will bring both into real-time, with 100% visibility into all calls.

“It’s time for a change. No more post-call coaching and QA,” said Bernstein. “These tools take Real-Time Guidance beyond the agent level. Now, organizations can unilaterally move forward in real-time across different departments.”

Real-Time QA: Say Goodbye to Random Sampling and Hours Spent on Call Recordings

During many conversations with customers and contact center leaders, Balto heard what the perfect QA system would look like: A process that automatically scores 100% of all calls that managers can see instantaneously.

So they’ve built exactly that: Real-Time QA.

What can users expect to see?

1. Complete visibility: Score 100% of calls and create unlimited scorecards, so different teams can measure what matters to them – no more, no less.

2. Real-time data: See how the call floor is doing at the moment – QA scores instantly populate when calls end.

3. A lot less work: Create new scorecards in less than five minutes while Balto automatically scores as many calls as needed

Real-Time QA seamlessly integrates with the current Balto platform. See all QA features here.

Real-Time Coaching: Coach the Right Calls as They’re Happening

Live coaching isn’t new. But with current coaching tools, it’s hard to tell which calls to coach. And in the meantime, managers are wasting time searching for a good coaching opportunity instead of actually coaching.

When building a coaching tool, Balto directly addressed this issue.

Real-Time Coaching alerts managers for key in-call moments in real-time. And unlike other listen, chat, or coaching tools, this one allows managers to join the call and guide the agent with just a few clicks — all in the same platform.

Here’s what users will see:

1. Never miss key moments: Balto tells managers which calls to join, based on their own criteria.

2. Immediately impact the outcome of critical calls: Instantly join live calls with the push of a button. While listening, managers can use chat to guide agents or commend a job well done.

3. Measure coaching effectiveness: An Activity Log tracks the amount of triggered alerts, and where managers responded. Users can also generate reports showing agent performance and triggers over time.

See all Real-Time Coaching features here.

Real-Time QA and Coaching arrive on August 9

For those wanting to see a full picture of what Real-Time QA and Coaching will offer, CEO Marc Bernstein recently previewed both tools in a live-stream. The recording is available to watch on Balto’s YouTube channel.

About Balto

Balto is the #1 Real-Time Guidance platform for contact centers. Balto is centered around a simple truth: Better conversations make more money. Powered by AI, Balto scales best practices to agents with the push of a button and gives immediate insight into what’s working and what’s not. Founded in 2017 and based in St. Louis, Missouri, Balto has guided over 70 million conversations around the world.


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