Balto, the #1 Real-Time Guidance Platform for contact centers, has announced a new certification program that teaches its customers how to get the most from Real-Time Guidance: Balto Academy. The eLearning course is offered through a partnership with WorkRamp.

Balto Academy answers a simple question: What would happen if all of our users understood Balto as well as our product team? To that end, the course focuses on two main points:

  • Get Focused: Users will learn how to pick a metric to improve and make sure their content in Balto is supporting it.
  • Build a Closed Loop of Improvements: A close loop looks beyond call scripts. It ensures teams source best practices, push them to their Playbooks, analyze agent usage and performance, and repeat.

“Why should our customer success and support teams have access to information that our customers can’t see?” said Balto CEO Marc Bernstein. “We’re eliminating the barriers to self-service and organizing our best practices in one place where everyone can access them.”

Through Balto Academy, leaders, managers, and team leads will learn how to optimize best practices for increased call success, create power users through continuous improvements, and certify their teams on skills that matter.

“Balto Academy is a huge step forward in our ability to educate our customers on driving revenue, scaling customer success, and increasing retention,” said Marc. “This goes beyond trusting a single sales tactic or guessing if your agents are using your best practices. This is about becoming a driver of repeatable results for an organization.”

How to Become a Real-Time Expert on Your Own Time

While Balto prides itself on its onboarding process and customer support, Balto Academy ensures that any user can get the same training whenever they need it. Users can work through materials at their own pace and immediately put what they’ve learned into practice. Each lesson includes an objective, highlights main takeaways, and includes quick knowledge checks and action items.

“The course is designed for the person at work,” said Marc. “Every facet of Balto Academy enables users, in their own time, to learn how to improve their bottom line through Real-Time Guidance.”

Building a Real-Time Certified Community

After completing Balto Academy’s courses, users who pass a final exam will earn a Balto Real-Time Guidance Certification, a virtual certificate that they can add to their LinkedIn. Users keep their certification even if they leave their current position.

“When you become a Balto customer, you also join the Balto community,” said Marc. “Go through our Academy. Add that Certification to your LinkedIn. Future employers will see your Balto Certification and understand that it means they don’t have to train you, you’re already an expert.”

About Balto

Balto is the #1 Real-Time Guidance platform for contact centers. Balto is centered around a simple truth: Better conversations make more money. Powered by AI, Balto scales best practices to agents with the push of a button and gives immediate insight into what’s working and what’s not. Founded in 2017 and based in St. Louis, Missouri, Balto has guided over 100 million conversations around the world.